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HI-RES€ 8,99
CD€ 6,49

Electronic - Verschenen op 24 april 2020 | F Communications

CD€ 12,49

Electronic - Verschenen op 4 november 2016 | Parlophone (France)

HI-RES€ 15,99
CD€ 13,49

Electronic - Verschenen op 9 oktober 2015 | Parlophone (France)

Without doubt one of the most anticipated albums of 2015. A new record from St Germain! The announcement seems unlikely, as fans of Ludovic Navarre have had to wait for fifteen years to taste a sequel to the famous Tourist, which shook planet electronica as long as fifteen years ago. Obviously, nothing has really changed in the content of this album except for Real Blues, delivered in May, where single spellbinding African rhythms mingled with blues sounds and the voice of the great Lightnin’ Hopkins. Good things come to those who wait. © CM / Qobuz
CD€ 7,49

Electronic - Verschenen op 9 juli 2012 | F Communications