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Electro - Verschenen op 2 augustus 2013 | Ribbon Music

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Wereldmuziek - Verschenen op 17 november 2017 | Mad Decent

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Wereldmuziek - Verschenen op 2 juni 2017 | Mad Decent

After having been produced first by the British Four Tet and then by Berlin's Modeselektor, the king of Syrian dabke (a men's wedding dance) arrives in the record house of producer Diplo and his label Mad Decent, lodged among the peaks of international contemporary pop. To Syria, With Love efficiently racks up super-charged pieces where traditional sounds mix with eastern pianos and darbuka, as well as beats and electronic effects which will surprise and delight the most dedicated dancers. The sixth track offers us a welcome pause with the nostalgic Mawal (poetic song), in which the Syrian's voice takes on a tender tone in a sharp contrast to his normal harangues. The album ends with Chobi's grinding rhythm, through which Omar Souleyman expresses his weariness with exile, while inviting us all to party in spite of everything. © BM/Qobuz
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Electro - Verschenen op 14 augustus 2015 | Monkeytown Records

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Electro - Verschenen op 24 juli 2015 | Monkeytown Records

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Electro - Verschenen op 21 oktober 2013 | Ribbon Music