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Klassiek - Verschenen op 7 maart 2016 | Alpha

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 de Diapason - 4 étoiles Classica - Qobuzism - 5 Sterne Fono Forum Klassik
"Nevermind Conversations", that could easily be the title of a rap album, right? But no, dear qobuzian (qobuzzer?), this new recording by Baroque ensemble Nevermind (Anna Besson (flute), Louis Creac'h (violin), Robin Pharo (gamba) and Jean Rondeau (harpsichord)) certainly strike up a spirited conversation between two French Baroque composers, established between French and Italian styles that both deal with fantasy and invention. The two composers: Jean Baptiste Quentin (ca. 1690 - ca. 1742), violinist at the Royal Academy of Music; and Louis-Gabriel Guillemain (1705 - 1770), ordinary musician of the king.© SM/Qobuz
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Kamermuziek - Verschenen op 27 oktober 2017 | Alpha

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An exceptionally prolific and versatile composer, Telemann reached a high musical stature in Germany at a very early stage. From 1715, aware that the provincial German musical market didn’t offer any outlet for his hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of works, he took it upon himself to broadcast his chamber music by publishing it in his own publishing house in Frankfurt. He thus became an entrepreneur and businessman, in addition to being a composer and instrumentalist. Starting in 1725, he pursued and developed this side activity in Hamburg, another very important business center. One of the outcomes of this pioneering work was that it drew the attention of Parisian flautist Michel Blavet. We think that it was Blavet who invited Telemann to Paris in 1737-38, giving him access to the most influential salons and even to the famous Concert Spirituel. His Sonatas for Two Flutes without Bass or Violin or Transverse Flute (1726) might well have been the source of their relationship. But the decisive role can probably be attributed to the 6 Quartets (1730), with which Telemann tackled new grounds in the area of chamber music for four voices, uniting the very heterogeneous sonorities of the transverse flute, the violin and the viola da gamba (or the cello) in a unique and very coherent trio of soloists, accompanied by a continuous bass. Around 1750, the Parisian publisher Le Clerc sold partitions in almost every chamber music genres from Telemann, including these so sought-after quartets, of which the present recording offers examples coming from the first, second and fourth volumes. At the helm, the superb ensemble Nevermind with Anna Besson on flute, Louis Creac’h on violin, Robin Pharo on viola da gamba and Jean Rondeau on harpsichord. © SM
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Trance - Verschenen op 16 februari 2018 | Mosaico Records

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Rock - Verschenen op 12 juni 2015 | AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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Pop - Verschenen op 1 juni 2017 | Audio Monster

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Pop - Verschenen op 11 oktober 2016 | Audio Monster

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Punk en New Wave - Verschenen op 11 september 2006 | Nix Gut

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Rap - Verschenen op 20 september 2019 | Nevermind

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Rock - Verschenen op 25 november 2015 | Never*mind

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Trance - Verschenen op 19 augustus 2019 | Mosaico Records