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Soul - Verschenen op 4 mei 2018 | Columbia

It’s 2018, Leon Bridges is back! Finally… after a debut album released in 2015, the stunning Coming Home, that was a sort of spirit child of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, a soul brother mastering every corner of that sixties groove, the young Texan signs off on an even more eclectic disc: Good Thing. On the first track, Bet Ain't Worth The Hand, he is languid like Curtis Mayfield. Later, he barges in on an 80s funky dance floor with You Don't Know and If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be). Later again, he opts for a velvety nu soul on Shy… These are the general feelings that emerge after a listen to this sophomore album: he never rests on his laurels and sticks with one particular groove. Thus, a general vintage sentiment exits and incomes a plural groove. At this rate, Leon Bridges might do a bit of auto tuning on his third record... © Max Dembo/Qobuz
HI-RES€ 16,99
CD€ 14,49

Soul - Verschenen op 23 juni 2015 | Columbia

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HI-RES€ 16,99
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Soul - Verschenen op 19 juni 2015 | Columbia

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A simple glance at the album cover and 30 seconds of namesake track 'Coming Home' shows clearly where Leon Bridges is coming from. Following in the footsteps of Otis Redding, Smokey Robinson and especially Sam Cooke, this Texan songwriter of just 25 years is a walking mausoleum erected to the eternal glory of soul music. But Bridges is not just simply 'reminiscent' of these legendary artists, with his first album, released at Columbia, containing original music - truly impressive and instanly timeless material! Tidy compositions, worked and arranged with the same care that brought such success to his illustrious peers from the 1960s... Steamy ballads, sensual blues, and up-tempo gospel all have their parts to play here, as Bridges demonstrates a prowess well beyond his young years in every element of his music, singing divinely and somehow managing to be completely original from first to last. On arrival, Coming Home is a soul record that will take purists back to the heyday of the genre. Impeccable in production, and oozing class - one that will surely please fans far and wide.


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