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Alternative en Indie - Verschenen op 17 april 2020 | Epic

Hi-Res Onderscheidingen Pitchfork: Best New Music
Time, mercifully, has not softened Fiona Apple's edges. Her long-awaited fifth album is exciting, nervy and seemingly on the verge of collapse. Apple lets it bleed without running over the edge. On "I Want You to Love Me," her voice is Mama Cass strong; she holds notes to the point that they become something else. "Shameika" and "Cosmonauts" are sonic tornadoes, while the title track is madness with its rushed vocals, chanted chorus ("Fetch the bolt cutters/I've been in here too long"), percussive manic typing, and a barking dog. Apple's humor remains wickedly sharp. "Under The Table" is laugh out loud funny, about a dreaded dinner party: "Kick me under the table all you want, I won't shut up." Over a bed of baroque or even circus sideshow piano, she tries on Lizzo-worthy sass for "Rack of His" ("Check out that rack of his! / Look at that row of guitar necks"). Occasionally, it's all breathtaking: "For Her" snaps from playground chants fueled by #MeToo fury to a soaring swell of "Good morning! You raped me in the same bed your daughter was born in." As powerful as anything she's ever made. © Shelly Ridenour/Qobuz
CD€ 14,49

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