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Featuring ex-members of Vision, H20, and Undertow, and inspired by East Coast hardcore legends Youth of Today, New Jersey's Ensign was originally a quartet featuring vocalist Tim Shaw, guitarist John Fraunberger, bassist Nate Gluck, and drummer Ryan Murphy. Indecision released their self-titled debut EP, quickly followed by the four-song Fall from Grace, which includes a cover of Instead's "We'll Make the Difference." In 1997, their first-full length, Direction of Things to Come, was released to a wave of critical praise, creating a fan base throughout the country. The follow-up full-length, Cast the First Stone, was released by California's Nitro Records in 1999, featuring new guitarist Ryan "Mackenzie" Donoghue and drummer John O'Neill. In 2000, Indecision released a compilation of the group's early work, titled Three Years, Two Months, Eleven Days; Ensign's official third album, The Price of Progression, appeared on Nitro in early 2001, featuring new guitarist Chris Byrnes and new bassist Chris Oliver (Gluck switched to guitar). The covers album Love the Music, Hate the Kids appeared in the fall of 2003 via Blackout, featuring the guys paying homage to such acts as the Descendents, Dag Nasty, the Replacements, and more. By then, Ensign had gone through a few more players and consisted of Shaw and Gluck (back on bass) alongside drummer Brian Kozuch and guitarist Frank Piegaro.
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