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Pop - Verschenen op 6 december 2019 | Syco Music - Epic

The American-Cuban-Mexican singer Camila Cabello once again has fun with her Latino origins on her second album, following on from Camila in 2018. Songs such as Liar and Señorita are characterised by a conglomerate of diverse musical influences from Latino culture. The former is a mix of Puerto Rican trap and flamenco (hand clapping included) which she sings in duet with the Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, while the latter is a ballad with a melody and guitar reminiscent of José Feliciano. Though since she does not want to be reduced to a cliché, other songs are much less stereotypical. Such is the case with the slow sixties sound of This Love and the sombre piano/voice combo which concludes the album (First Man). The album’s lyrics depict a Camila Cabello who, once again, plays around with Latino stereotypes. She uses religious imagery to describe relationships on Living Proof (Madonna doesn’t feel too far away) and gets her claws out to protect her feelings on Cry For Me. The theme of jealousy, as well as an exacerbated romanticism and an unrestrained sexuality, are at the heart of the former X Factor candidate’s work. Camila Cabello just goes to disprove the line “blondes have more fun”! © Nicolas Magenham/Qobuz
CD€ 14,49

Pop - Verschenen op 12 januari 2018 | Syco Music - Epic

Het debuutalbum van de Cubaans-Amerikaanse zangeres en songschrijver Camila Cabello kenmerkt zich door toegankelijke popsongs. Op Camila (2018) vermengt de zangeres pop met r&b en latin. Een asbolute uitschieter in die laatste categorie is het nummer "Havana", dat in meerdere landen de eerste plaats in de charts haalt. In de Verenigde Staten komt Camila binnen op de eerste plaats in de Billboard 200.