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Declan McKenna, the voice of a generation

Door Charlotte Saintoin |

The latest album from politico-pop sensation Declan Mckenna.

Three years have passed since we last heard from Declan Mckenna on his monumental album What do you think about the car. Mckenna's consistent heavy hitting, politically charged pop truly shone through on his previous record, and his latest is no different.

Zeros is the latest from the socio-politically conscious Englishman. Instrumentally the album appears rather similar to this previous one. Lush chorused guitars, raw imperfect vocal performances and an overall tight production.

The opening records follow a space themed narrative with songs like Be An Astronaut and The Key To Life On Earth serving as allegorical pieces criticizing society and socioeconomic inequality. Things take a darker turn when we reach Emily: a stripped back, guitar lead, melancholic ballad.

Rapture appears to be the sore thumb of the album, stylistically at least. The heavy vocoder vocal intro coupled with the Mika-esque chorus and the growling vocals on the outro feel like Mckenna’s failed attempt at broadening his musical horizons.

All in all, this is a consistently strong indie pop album offering interesting social and political commentary. We look forward to hearing more from this flourishing artist.

Listen to 'Zeros' by Declan McKenna available from the 4th of September on Qobuz

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