Czarface & MF DOOM finally meet

It's a super natural product from this collaborative effort (that we are so glad took place)...

Door Aurélien Chapuis | Video van de dag | 18 april 2018

Every hero needs a villain. Every hero needs an evil twin, a favourite baddie. Supergroup Czarface has already saved hip-hop over the course of four dense and arresting albums. Now they needed to take on a new challenge. This mutant robot with the mind-bending technique was born of a surprise meeting between the Boston duo 7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck of the tireless Wu Tang Clan. Launched at the speed of light, this rap Transformer was looking for a fitting end to its epic legend, its very own Infinity War. And what better addition to Czarface's world of action figures and Jack Kirby creations than MF Doom? Going through the 16 tracks that make up this clash of titans, each of them settles somewhere between nostalgia and cosmic civil war. Deck's language still has the sharpness of Shaolin and his positive energy frequently translates into crushing victory. But MF Doom's demonic nonchalance often sees him take the upper hand. A master of multiple aliases and layered stories, the Fatalis of US rap makes a perfect counterpoint against the extreme and organic breakbeats of the backing track. He unravels other rappers' multisyllables with a hypnotic voice.

Listen to Czarface Meets Metal Face By Czarface & MF DOOM

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