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Paolo Fresu: "Jazz gives me a lot of freedom"

Door Raffaele Cuccu |

For the release of the aptly named Carpe Diem, Paolo Fresu invited us into his home in the hills of Bologne.

The Sardinian trumpet player Paolo Fresu, who is a prominent figure in the Italian jazz scene, opened his doors to us for an interview, retelling anecdotes about his artistic career, the creation of his "Time in Jazz" festival in his hometown Berchidda. But also touching on Carpe Diem, the latest installment of the Devil Quartet, that he has been making since 2003 with his longtime friends: Bebo Ferra (guitar), Paolino Dalla Porta (double bass) and Stefano Bagnoli (drums).

The complicity between the four friends shines through at every moment of Carpe Diem. Five years after Desertico, it seems that this time the Devil has himself fallen victim to an immense temptation: of putting down the tools of evil and finally enjoying life... Decidedly more acoustic, this well-named Carpe Diem shows off a profound serenity. In the contours of its compositions. In the cheery spirits of its four musicians. And in the silky (but not featureless) sound that they distil across the 56 minutes of this very fine album.

Listen to Carpe Diem By Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet

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