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What about the brands that don’t integrate Qobuz? What can I do in that situation?

Door Abigail Church |

It seems that the article from last month focusing on Qobuz integration and Qobuz compatibility raised some questions among some of our readers who couldn’t find the brand of their device in our chart, and some of them reached out to us. This article is therefore devoted to them specifically, as well as to anyone else who finds themselves in that situation.

To remind you what we’re working with here, this is how we defined the difference in the last article:

To put it simply, Qobuz compatibility requires the use of an original Qobuz app (for Mac/PC, iOS, Android…), while the Qobuz integration allows you to do without it as the device integrating Qobuz uses its own version of the Qobuz application, so to speak.

So, if the brand of your device isn’t listed, this is because it doesn’t integrate the Qobuz application, or maybe even that it’s not compatible with Qobuz.

Firstly, maybe the Qobuz compatibility is less obvious than the Qobuz integration, since the compatibility can require various protocols or third-party applications which integrate Qobuz.

For example, some devices are compatible with Google Cast and also with UPnP. You can therefore use the Qobuz application for iOS or Android directly, or with the mconnect Player or mconnect Player HD, or even with BubbleUPnP with Android, all those being applications that integrate Qobuz in Hi-Res. We’re therefore in a situation of indirect compatibility and integration, if you will.

If you possess a device that is only compatible with UPnP, you can use mconnect Player, mconnect Player HD, and BubbleUPnP with Android as well.

Other devices are compatible with DTS Play-Fi, or even with DTS Play-Fi and with Google Cast! They should also be compatible with the mconnect Player and mconnect Player HD UPnP applications for iOS or for Android, and with BubbleUPnP for Android. In this case, we’re talking about triple compatibilities.

Whatever it be, and even if all of this probably isn’t that easy for someone who doesn’t live by this stuff every day, you just have to remember the following:

- any network player or device equipped with a network section compatible with UPnP can be used with mconnect Player, mconnect Player HD (if the network section is compatible with HD) or with BubbleUPnP (with Android).


- Brands compatible with DTS Play-Fi


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