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Tenet: The Score of a Lifetime! Ludwig... Goransson?

Door Nicolas Magenham |

The soundtrack to a film that begins with a chilling sequence in a concert hall (Rainy night in Tallinn) and written by a man named Ludwig could be nothing less than promising! The Swede, Ludwig Göransson replaces Hans Zimmer (Christopher Nolan’s usual collaborator) in this complex spy thriller. The film’s originality comes from the fact that the characters can travel through time in aid of their quest for good or for evil. After picking up an Oscar for Black Panther in 2019, Göransson accentuates this original cinematographic ballet with use of a sonic arsenal that mixes electronic loops and a symphonic orchestra.

In some tracks, the composer mimics the film’s time theme by playing sounds forwards and backwards in line with the camera’s point of view (Posterity). Occasionally, a solo instrument emerges out of this hypnotic mass (the fragile cello on From Mumbai to Amalfi which modestly compliments the breathtaking views of the Italian coast).

Göransson’s meticulous, driving sounds have but one purpose: to add additional depth to this aesthetic and immense spectacle.


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