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The 1975 are back with their third studio album "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships."

Door Euan Decourt | Video van de dag | 10 december 2018

After a stint in rehab for frontman Matty Healy back in November/December, 2017, which helped him shake some drug problems, the four piece from Wilmslow are back to doing what they do best; making unique and interesting music with complex lyrics. So, what are The 1975 trying to tell us this time round?

Well, it doesn’t look like they’re that bothered about being seen as a “cool” Indie Rock band anymore. They seem to have stepped out from behind this front to give us an album that focuses on sincerity and the role that the internet plays in our relationships. This message of sincerity is most clear on tracks such as Give Yourself A Try and Sincerity Is Scary where a lot of the lyrics focus on overcoming identity problems (caused by people hiding behind social media) and giving an honest account of one’s self. One of the highlights of this album has to be Love It If We Made It, a track which takes a look at both the political and social craziness of the time that we live in. “Modernity has failed us!” sings Healy. Speaking about the meaning of this song Healy stated “Love It If We Made it is the gem of hope amongst all of the rubble”, “We have to really love each other, and if you don’t, just try.”

The song that most clearly spells out the threat that the internet poses to our human relationships is The Man Who Married A Robot. Siri tells us the tale of a lonely man that became best friends with the internet and only existed online, eventually the man dies, but the internet lives on. There is something quite chilling about the story. Produced almost entirely by Healy and drummer George Daniel, the album also includes acoustic ballads such as Be My Mistake and Surrounded By Heads And Bodies as well as some more heavily produced tracks like I Like America & America Likes Me. The boys close the album with I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) which focuses on the struggles of everyday life and has a hint of the Oasis to it. Insecurity, the madness of the world, computer screen relationships, The 1975 bring it all together whilst appreciating that it isn’t always easy to be sincere.


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