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Moonlight Benjamin's voodoo blues

With "Simido", the Haitian singer and priestess delivers another cracking album of blues/rock fire...

Door Benjamin MiNiMuM | Video van de dag | 2 februari 2020

For a long time, rock has drawn a lot of inspiration from voodoo: you just have to take one look at Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Dr John or The Cramps. That journey is now coming via France, where Moonlight Benjamin, a Haitian singer and since 2009 an ordained Manbo (Voodoo priestess) currently lives. After trying out the enchanting charms of her mystical singing alongside Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Guadeloupean saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart, she really electrified the international musical scene. Her previous album Siltane led to comparisons with Patti Smith thanks to her vocas and with The Black Keys because of the guitars over which her vocals bubble.

These comparisons are spot on: her bluesy rock, carried by the energy of Matthis Pascaud’s six strings and her voice which could even give goosebumps to a zombie, would not be out of place in a playlist surrounded by tracks by the aforementioned artists.

There is no dead weight on Simido, this collection of fiery songs, where the bass drums and guitars cut right through to the soul…!


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