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Has Neil Young tamed his Crazy Horse?

With "Colorado", the Canadian artist has brought back his most untameable project.

Door Marc Zisman | Video van de dag | 29 oktober 2019

Seven years after Psychedelic Pill, Neil Young has revived Crazy Horse. Amongst the 73-year-old’s many projects, this group has always been his most rustic, raw and wild. With Crazy Horse, the Canadian shoots at everything that moves, from massive rock and country digressions to soaring lyrical solos.

His old rhythmic accomplices - bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina - are there to maintain the structure beneath sticky, gritty guitars. Except that on guitar, a change in casting has impacted the result of this 2019 vintage. The delicate Nils Lofgren replaces the hard rock of Frank Sampedro who chose to prolong his retirement in sunny Hawaii.

Colorado ends up being less violent than its predecessors. But it’s still a Crazy Horse album.

Of course, Neil Young is still punching his fist in the air and reminding us of the world’s problems. Having long been an environmental warrior, his militancy remains well-intact, as evidenced by the melancholic Green is Blue.

His conviction and inspiration have not dwindled either and once again he reminds us that the best person to do Neil Young is still Neil Young.


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