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Chrome Sparks a fire!

Sparks are certainly flying with Chrome Sparks, fresh off releasing his self titled debut LP...

Door Sylvain Di Cristo | Video van de dag | 27 april 2018

Not so long ago, when YouTube channels were calling the shots of musical hype, a young New Yorker reigned over this kingdom with a single track, the hazy and catchy Marijuana, a downtempo hip-hop reconstruction of Idris Muhammad’s Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (also sampled by Jamie xx on Loud Places). Flying high with several million listens, this single propelled Jeremy Malvin from the opening of Diplo’s Block Party in Pakistan to a small shack in upstate New York to immerse himself in the production of his highly anticipated first album.

And the final result is well worth the hype with a contemporary blend of hip-hop, electro and pop that plays well in every situation, every mood and every ear. Sophisticated, wise, packed with great ideas and elaborate melodies, this first and eponymous album amply justifies his move from Future Classic label (Flume, Chet Faker…) to Ninja Tune’s sub-label, Counter Records (Tiga, Pional, What So Not…).


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