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Bombay Bicycle Club Is Open For Business

Following a long hiatus - 5 years of near complete silence ! - the London indie rockers return with a new single. Listen below!

Door Alexis Renaudat | Video van de dag | 28 augustus 2019

It's so cold in the air, put the bud in my ear, first note start

I can see where you are, dream where you are

Will the song never end?

Well, the song might not have ended, but it took a mighty long break. And yet here we are listening to the latest Bombay Bicycle Club single, like it's 2014 again. It might as well have been another era entirely, when So Long, See You Tomorrow's blend of dance, post-punk and indian samples reached the top of the UK charts. By and large, their 4th studio album was elegant, refined synth pop that shimmered with jangly guitars and details that sometimes jumped out of the speakers in unexpected and exciting ways.

Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) sees the London band return, with a similar synth pop aesthetic, along with some wobbling, melancholy guitar leads. On previous albums, there were hints of shoegaze (such as Bad Timing, on A Different Kind of Fix); those hints have now been brought into the open and exploited to great effect. Although a specific release date for their next album hasn't been published yet, we can't wait!

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