Alice Phoebe Lou: Paper Castles

With these videos from her new album 'Paper Castles', allow Alice Phoebe Lou to take your hand and carry you through space

Door Charlotte Saintoin | Video van de dag | 13 maart 2019

With her long blond hair and sullen expressions, Alice Phoebe Lou is stunning. But beyond just her soft-sounding name and striking looks, what truly makes her stand out is her crystalline voice that slides from high to low frequencies with mind-blowing ease. Originally from Cape Town, the singer-songwriter’s wanderlust led her to Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin in her late adolescence. Attracted by the exotic feel of the German capital, the young Alice decided to move there permanently, making a living from busking. Before bringing out her debut album Orbit in 2016 (a beautiful record of stripped-back jazz and folk), the young vagabond would parade her music around the city’s bars, parks and streets.

"No rules, no rules" she sings on Something Holy - a maxim that also applies to her music. In the same vein as Orbit, this second album takes us to another galaxy, one that’s composed of Alice’s dreamy folk, blues and jazz vocals. Allowing the voice to breathe, Paper Castles comprises ten lightweight tracks, which are infused with soft, shimmering synths. With discreet guitars, soft xylophones (Ocean), soaring vocals (Red), tinkering notes (Fynbos), ethereal productions and slow tempos (Galaxies), everything seems touched by Alice's grace. Wonderful.


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