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33: Ghraichy's Imagination

Simon Ghraichy's 33 is in 24-Bit Hi-Res on Qobuz!

Door Pierre-Yves Lascar | Video van de dag | 25 februari 2019

The first great asset of this second album from Simon Graichy for the Yellow Label is the clarity of its recording which captures the exquisite sound of this Franco-Lebanese Mexican pianist and the intense energy with which he plays, especially in Schumann’s Humoreske. Its second great asset is that it includes Schumann’s very rare Etudes in Variation Form on a Theme by Beethoven based on the second movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphony No.7, which many people may not be familiar with. The very first version was developed in the years 1831-32 and was scarcely recorded, but it is a true masterpiece from Schumann’s youth. To summarise, Simon Graichy takes us on a unique journey through his imagination on this album, where the possibilities are endless. It is not often that Schumann’s Humoreske is combined with “minimalist” pieces like Chilly Gonzales’ amazing Robert on the bridge and Pawel Szymanski’s poetic Etudes pour piano. An intriguing voyage that makes for a mesmerising experience.


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