Take 2

Qobuz Video van de dag 12 november 2018
When the band from Queens, NY, started work on State Of Euphoria, they were still part of the holy trinity of thrash, more or less level-pegging with Metallica and Slayer.

But at some point after its release in September 1988, and the tour that followed, Anthrax fell back behind the pack. But listening to this remastered...

Real Rock Nostalgia 11 november 2018

Cloud Nothings are nostalgic for real rock. Rock that leaves a mark, that attacks the ears and makes you sweat.

Smoky Blue Soul 10 november 2018

The Teskey brothers come from Australia. But to listen to their remarkably well-made Half Mile Harvest, you would think that they were recording...

A Goodbye Gift 9 november 2018

On September 23rd 2017 a great voice of Soul music passed away.

Back to Life 8 november 2018

After two decades of silence the British star of extravagant 80s pop and new wave, Boy George, has reanimated his legendary Culture Club.

Baxter Dury, Etienne de Crécy & Delilah Holliday: "We are the future!" 7 november 2018

An interview with Baxter Dury, Étienne de Crécy and Delilah Holiday, the unlikely and original trio that have released one of the most enjoyable...

Space Clouds 7 november 2018

Following his very personal and introspective 2017 album Stranger, on which he opened up about his overdose and his time spent in a psychiatric...

The Africa express 6 november 2018

Bringing groovy blues with an African flavour, Eric Bibb returns to soothe our souls with his deep, smooth voice on this colourful record, Global...

In the name of the lord 5 november 2018

With his deep bass voice Josh Turner has steered his latest album towards the world of gospel.

Lone wolf 4 november 2018

Full moon and fog, a frozen world that reassures and unnerves in equal measure.
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