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Afrobeat - Verschijnt op 8 maart 2019 | London Mobile Studios

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 21 december 2018 | Freedom Cry Records

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 10 november 2017 | BMG Rights Mgmt France SARL

Leeroy, formerly from Saïan Supa Crew, makes his coming-out and loudly tells his passion for Afrobeat and the work of its founder, the great Fela Kuti. The beatboxer’s idea was to get behind the console and the keyboards, his artistic producer cap secured on his head, to pay a sincere and respectful homage. Leeroy thus went to Lagos, in the Nigerian lands of the Black President, to meet its ancient musicians Duro and Showboy, its two sons Femi and Seun and a few young and reliable local instrumentalists. His inventive and energizing vision of Fela’s music convinced these heirs to associate themselves with this modernist reinterpretation. To revisit this handful of emblematic pieces, Leeroy has also summoned, behind the microphones, some proud representatives of the current black music. His old accomplice Féfé, to which Leeroy owes his initiation to Afrobeat, takes the lead on ITT (International Thief Thief), the Chadian soul sister Noraa reveals her sensitive singing in the beatbox version of Zombie, the German-Nigerian Nneka inhabits with confidence Look And Laugh and the South African Nakhane offers a mellow reinterpretation of Authority Stealing. The album introduces itself with an original cover from Lemi Ghariokwu, who is mostly responsible for the cover of Black President. Mission accomplished for Leeroy, who managed to retain the spirit and rejuvenate the sound of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s works and prove their relevance now and in the future. © BM/Qobuz
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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 26 mei 2017 | Hey!band

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 16 december 2015 | Housemaster Records

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 10 november 2014 | Ghetto Lounge Recording

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 25 januari 2011 | Rhino - Warner Bros.

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 25 januari 2011 | Rhino - Warner Bros.

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Afrobeat - Verschenen op 22 november 2010 | Underdog records