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Nakury & Barzo - Necesario

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Nakury & Barzo

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Nakury & Barzo

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Necesario Barzo Remix
Nakury & Barzo

Bartosz Brenes, Composer, Producer - Barzo, Artist - Natasha Campos, Lyricist - Lácteo Cósmico, MusicPublisher - Nakury & Barzo, MainArtist

2018 Lácteo Cósmico 2018 Lácteo Cósmico


Bartosz Brenes, Composer, Producer - Nakury, MainArtist - Natasha Campos, Lyricist - Lácteo Cósmico, MusicPublisher

2018 Lácteo Cósmico 2018 Lácteo Cósmico

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