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Various Artists - 70s 100 Hits

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70s 100 Hits

Various Artists

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70s 100 Hits

Various Artists

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Blame It on the Boogie (Album Version)
The Jacksons

E. Kohn, Composer - E. Kohn, Lyricist - The Jacksons, Performer - The Jacksons, Producer - M. Jackson, Composer - M. Jackson, Lyricist - D. Jackson, Composer - D. Jackson, Lyricist

(P) 1978 Sony Music Entertainment

Rivers of Babylon (Single Version)
Boney M.

McNaughton, Composer - McNaughton, Lyricist - Frank Farian, Composer - Frank Farian, Lyricist - Frank Farian, Producer - Boney M., Performer - B. Dowe, Composer - B. Dowe, Lyricist - Reyam, Composer - Reyam, Lyricist

(P)1978 BMG Berlin Musik GmbH/MCI

Burning Love (Live)
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, Performer - Dennis Linde, Composer - Dennis Linde, Lyricist

(P) 1973 BMG Music

I Can Help (Album Version)
Billy Swan

Randy Hling, Mastering Engineer - Chip Young, Producer - Margie Hunt, Executive Producer - Billy Swan, Performer - Billy Swan, Producer - Billy Swan, Composer - Billy Swan, Lyricist

(P) 1974 Sony Music Entertainment

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow, Performer - Barry Manilow, Producer - Scott English, Composer - Scott English, Lyricist - Ron Dante, Producer - Richard Kerr, Composer - Richard Kerr, Lyricist

(P) 1974 Arista Records LLC

Livin' Thing (Album Version)
Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra, Performer - Jeff Lynne, Producer - Jeff Lynne, Vocal - Jeff Lynne, Composer - Jeff Lynne, Guitar - Jeff Lynne, Keyboards - Jeff Lynne, Synthesizer - Kelly Groucutt, Vocal - Kelly Groucutt, Percussion - Kelly Groucutt, Bass - Richard Tandy, Vocal - Richard Tandy, Keyboards - Richard Tandy, Synthesizer - Bev Bevan, Vocal - Bev Bevan, Drums

(P) 1976 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


Chapman, Lyricist - Chapman, Composer - Phil Wainman, Producer - Nicky Chinn, Composer - Nicky Chinn, Lyricist - Sweet, Performer

(P) 1973 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

More Than a Feeling

Tom Scholz, Composer - Tom Scholz, Producer - Tom Scholz, Lyricist - Boston, Performer - John Boylan, Producer

(P) 1976 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Bat Out of Hell (Album Version)
Meat Loaf

Unknown, Producer - Jim Steinman, Composer - Jim Steinman, Lyricist - Meat Loaf, Performer

(P) 1977 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Lady Marmalade (Single Version)

LaBelle, Performer - Unknown, Producer - B. Crewe, Composer - B. Crewe, Lyricist - K. Nolan, Composer - K. Nolan, Lyricist

(P) 1974 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Bye Bye Baby
Bay City Rollers

Bob Gaudio, Composer - Bob Gaudio, Lyricist - Phil Wainman, Producer - Bob Crewe, Composer - Bob Crewe, Lyricist - Bay City Rollers, Performer

(P) 1974 Arista Records LLC

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
Middle Of The Road

Middle Of The Road, Performer - Giacomo Tosti, Producer - Giacomo Tosti, Performance Arranger - Harold Stott, Composer - Harold Stott, Lyricist


Rose Garden (Single Version)
Lynn Anderson

Glenn Sutton, Producer - J. South, Composer - J. South, Lyricist - Lynn Anderson, Vocal - Lynn Anderson, Performer

(P) 1970 Sony Music Entertainment

Walk on the Wild Side
Lou Reed

Jim Campbell, Re-Issue Producer - Rob Bowman, Re-Issue Producer - Scott Hull, Misc. Prod. - Don Wardell, Misc. Prod. - Mick Ronson, Guitar - Mick Ronson, Composer - Mick Ronson, Producer - John Halzey, Drums - Barry Desouza, Drums - David Bowie, Producer - Herbie Flowers, Bass - Richie Dharma, Drums - Bob Ludwig, Re-Mastering Engineer - Lou Reed, Composer - Lou Reed, Lyricist - Lou Reed, Guitar - Lou Reed, Re-Mastering Engineer - Lou Reed, Performer - John Snyder, A&R Assistant - Klaus Voorman, Bass

(P) 1972 BMG Music

Surrender (Single Version)
Cheap Trick

TOM WERMAN (I) DAVID KAHNE (S), Producer - Tom Petersson, Vocal - Tom Petersson, 12 String Guitar - Tom Petersson, Bass - Gary Ladinsky, Engineer - George Marino, Mastering Engineer - Cheap Trick, Performer - MIKE BEIRIGER, 2nd Engineer - Robin Zander, Vocal - Rick Nielsen, Vocal - Rick Nielsen, Composer - Rick Nielsen, Lyricist - Rick Nielsen, Guitar - Vic Anesini, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1978 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Love Train
The O'Jays

Leon Huff, Composer - Leon Huff, Lyricist - Leon Huff, Producer - Kenneth Gamble, Composer - Kenneth Gamble, Lyricist - Kenneth Gamble, Producer - The O'Jays, Performer

(P) 1972 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Family Affair (Single Version)
Sly & The Family Stone

Cynthia Robinson, Trumpet - Jerry Martini, Saxophone - Larry Graham, Bass - Sly & The Family Stone, Performer - Freddie Stone, Vocal - Freddie Stone, Guitar - S. Stewart, Composer - S. Stewart, Lyricist - Rosie Stone, Keyboards - Greg Errico, Drums - Sly Stone, Producer - Sly Stone, Vocal - Sly Stone, Guitar - Sly Stone, Keyboards

Originally released 1971. All rights reserved by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Best of My Love (Single Version)
The Emotions

George Thatcher, Trombone - Don Myrick, Flute - Don Myrick, Saxophone - Fran Tate, 2nd Engineer - Steve Madaio, Trumpet - Lew McCreary, Trombone - Raymond Kelly, Acoustic Cello - Selene Hurtford, Acoustic Cello - Alan Robinson, French Horn - Rollice Dale, Viola - Oscar Brashear, Trumpet - Mark Linett, 2nd Engineer - Jack Rouben, 2nd Engineer - Paul Polivnich, Viola - Clarence McDonald, Piano - Clarence McDonald, Co-Producer - Denise Buffum, Viola - Betty Lamagna, Violin - The Emotions, Performer - Vince Derosa, French Horn - Marilyn Robinson, French Horn - Albert McKay, Composer - Albert McKay, Lyricist - Dorothy Wade, Violin - Richard Perissi, French Horn - Tom Tom, Arranger - Joseph M. Palmaccio, Mastering Engineer - George Bohannon, Trombone - Charles Veal, Jr., Violin - Janice Gower, Violin - Chuck Findley, Trumpet - George Massenburg, Engineer - George Massenburg, Re-Mixer - Sidney Muldrow, French Horn - Arnold Belnick, Violin - Dorothy Ashby, Harp - Dennis Karmazyn, Acoustic Cello - Maurice White, Lyricist - Maurice White, Composer - Maurice White, Producer - Louis Satterfield, Trombone

(P) 1977 Sony Music Entertainment

Summer Breeze, Pt. 1
The Isley Brothers

Rich Cronin, Executive Producer - Darrell Crofts, Composer - Darrell Crofts, Lyricist - Ted Green, Executive Producer - Vic Anesini, Mastering Engineer - Jimmy Seals, Composer - Jimmy Seals, Lyricist - The Isley Brothers, Performer - The Isley Brothers, Producer - Juli Davidson, Executive Producer

(P) 1973 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Bridge over Troubled Water (Album Version)
Simon & Garfunkel

Vic Anesini, Mastering Engineer - Simon & Garfunkel, Performer - Art Garfunkel, Producer - Roy Halee, Producer - Paul Simon, Producer - Paul Simon, Composer - Paul Simon, Lyricist

(P) Originally Recorded Prior To 1972 All Rights Reserved By Sony Music Entertainment

Seasons in the Sun
Terry Jacks

Rod McKuen, Composer - Rod McKuen, Lyricist - Jacques Brel, Composer - Jacques Brel, Lyricist - Rolf Hennemann, Engineer - Mike Flicker, Engineer - Terry Jacks, Performer - Terry Jacks, Arranger - Terry Jacks, Producer

(P) 1974 Arista Records LLC

Living Next Door to Alice

Michael Chapman, Composer - Michael Chapman, Lyricist - Mike Chapman, Producer - Nicky Chinn, Producer - Nicky Chinn, Composer - Nicky Chinn, Lyricist - Smokie, Performer

(P) 1976 Chinnichap Records Ltd. licensed to Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH

September (Album Version)

Maurice White, Lyricist - Maurice White, Composer - Maurice White, Producer - Al McKay, Composer - Al McKay, Lyricist - Earth, Wind & Fire, Performer - Tom Tom 84, Arranger - Allee Willis, Composer - Allee Willis, Lyricist

(P) 1978 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Rich Girl
Hall & Oates

Daryl Hall & John Oates, Performer - Chick Crumpacker, Producer - John Oates, Producer - Dick Baxter, Engineer - Daryl Hall, Producer - Daryl Hall, Composer - Daryl Hall, Lyricist

(P) 1977 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Without You
Various Interprets

Harry Nilsson, Vocal - Peter Ham, Composer - Peter Ham, Lyricist - Richard Perry, Producer - Robin Geoffrey Cable, Engineer - Nilsson, Performer - Paul Buckmaster, Arranger - Paul Buckmaster, Conductor - T. Evans, Composer - T. Evans, Lyricist

Originally released 1971. All rights reserved by RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Lover Lover Lover (Album Version)
Leonard Cohen

John Lissauer, Producer - Leonard Cohen, Performer - Leonard Cohen, Composer - Leonard Cohen, Lyricist

(P) 1974 Sony Music Entertainment

Annie's Song
John Denver

Milton Okun, Producer - Lee Holdridge, Arranger - Lee Holdridge, Conductor - Kris O'Connor, Assistant Producer - Mickey Crofford, Engineer - John Denver, Composer - John Denver, Performer - John Denver, Lyricist

(P) 1974 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Tears On My Pillow (Album Version)
Johnny Nash

KEN KHOURI, Producer - Johnny Nash, Performer - Johnny Nash, Producer - Ernie Smith, Composer - Ernie Smith, Lyricist


I Love to Love
Tina Charles

James Bolden, Composer - James Bolden, Lyricist - Biddu, Producer - Biddu, Arranger - Tina Charles, Performer - Pip Williams, Arranger - Jack Robinson, Composer - Jack Robinson, Lyricist

(P) 1976 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from "The Godfather") (Album Version)
Andy Williams

Dick Glasser, Producer - Andy Williams, Performer - Larry Kusik, Lyricist - Nino Rota, Composer

(P) 1972 Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Gonna Make You a Star
David Essex

David Essex, Performer - David Essex, Composer - David Essex, Lyricist - Unknown, Producer

(P) 1974 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

Boogie Nights (Single Version)

Heatwave, Performer - Eric Johns, Guitar - Ernest Berger, Percussion - Ernest Berger, Drums - Rod Temperton, Composer - Rod Temperton, Lyricist - Rod Temperton, Keyboards - Johnny Wilder Jr., Background Vocal - Johnny Wilder Jr., Percussion - John Cameron, Conductor - Mario Mantese, Bass - Keith Wilder, Vocal - Barry Blue, Producer

(P) 1976 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

It's in His Kiss
Linda Lewis

Rudy Clark, Composer - Rudy Clark, Lyricist - Bert DeCoteaux, Producer - Tony Silvester, Producer - Linda Lewis, Vocal

(P) 1975 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Free (Single Version)
Deniece Williams

Steve Madaio, Trumpet - Oscar Brashear, Trumpet - Gale Robinson, French Horn - Charles Stepney, Producer - George Bohanon, Trombone - Ray Pizzi, Woodwinds - S. Greene, Composer - S. Greene, Lyricist - N. Watts, Composer - N. Watts, Lyricist - Ernie Watts, Woodwinds - Deniece Williams, Background Vocal - Deniece Williams, Performer - Randall Aldcroft, Trombone - Freddie White, Percussion - Freddie White, Drums - Plas Johnson, Woodwinds - D. Williams, Composer - D. Williams, Lyricist - Jerry Peters, Keyboards - Sydney Barnes, Background Vocal - Al McKay, Guitar - Leo Sacks, Producer - Sidney Muldrow, French Horn - Terry Harrington, Woodwinds - H. Redd, Composer - H. Redd, Lyricist - Maurice White, Drums - Maurice White, Background Vocal - Maurice White, Producer - Maurice White, Percussion - Verdine White, Bass

(P) 1976 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

She's Not There (Single Version)

Greg Walker, Vocal - Greg Walker, Background Vocal - Carlos Santana, Producer - Carlos Santana, Director - Graham Lear, Percussion - Graham Lear, Drums - Tom Coster, Producer - Tom Coster, Director - Tom Coster, Arranger - Tom Coster, Background Vocal - Tom Coster, Marimba - Tom Coster, Piano - Tom Coster, Harp - R. Argent, Composer - R. Argent, Lyricist - Chris Minto, Mixing Engineer - Tom Vicari, Mixing Engineer - Tom Vicari, Recording Engineer - Santana, Performer - Bernie Grundman, Mastering Engineer - Jose "Chepito" Areas, Congas - Jose "Chepito" Areas, Bells - Pablo Tellez, Bass - Raul Rekow, Background Vocal - Raul Rekow, Congas - Raul Rekow, Bongos - Raul Rekow, Percussion - Devadip Carlos Santana, Background Vocal - Devadip Carlos Santana, Guitar - Devadip Carlos Santana, Percussion - Devadip Carlos Santana, Congas - Joe Gastwirt, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1977 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Single Version)
Blue Öyster Cult

Donald Roeser, Composer - Donald Roeser, Producer - Donald Roeser, Lyricist - Blue Oyster Cult, Performer

(P) 1976 Sony Music Entertainment

Hold the Line (Single Version)

David Paich, Composer - David Paich, Lyricist - Toto, Performer - Toto, Producer

(P) 1978 Sony Music Entertainment

Forever Autumn (Album Version featuring Justin Hayward from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of "The War Of The Worlds")
Justin Hayward

J. Wayne, Composer - J. Wayne, Lyricist - Justin Hayward, Performer - Unknown, Producer - G. Osborne, Composer - G. Osborne, Lyricist - P. Vigrass, Composer - P. Vigrass, Lyricist

(P) 1978 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Album Version)
Ian Hunter

Jon Kelly, 2nd Engineer - Mick Ronson, Producer - Mick Ronson, Arranger - Mike Sellers, 2nd Engineer - Gary Edwards, 2nd Engineer - Pete Henderson, 2nd Engineer - Geoff Appleby, Acoustic Bass - Mark Ronson, Organ - Mark Ronson, Guitar - Pete Arnesen, Piano - Dennis Elliot, Drums - Shawn Milligan, 2nd Engineer - Bill Price, Engineer - Dennis Elliot, Percussion - Mike Stafford, 2nd Engineer - Mark Ronson, Acoustic Bass - Ian Hunter, Composer - Ian Hunter, Producer - Ian Hunter, Vocal - Ian Hunter, Lyricist - Ian Hunter, Percussion - Ian Hunter, Piano - Ian Hunter, Performer

(P) 1975 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Ain't No Sunshine
Bill Withers

Bill Withers, Performer - Bill Withers, Composer

(P) Originally released 1971 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Play That Funky Music (Single Version)
Wild Cherry

Alice Butts, Director - Patti Matheny, A&R Coordinator - Tom Ruff, Mastering Engineer - Wild Cherry, Performer - Robert Parissi, Producer - Robert Parissi, Composer - Robert Parissi, Lyricist - Debra Parkinson, Mastering Engineer


Native New Yorker (7" Single Version)

Denny Randell, Composer - Denny Randell, Lyricist - Sandy Linzer, Producer - Sandy Linzer, Vocal Arranger - Sandy Linzer, Composer - Sandy Linzer, Lyricist - Odyssey, Vocal - Charlie Calello, Producer - Charlie Calello, Arranger - Charlie Calello, Conductor

(P) 1977 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

Russell, Lyricist - Irwin Levine, Composer - Dawn, Performer

(P) 1973 Arista Records LLC

It Never Rains in Southern California (Album Version)
Albert Hammond

Don Altfeld, Producer - Albert Hammond, Performer - Albert Hammond, Producer - Albert Hammond, Vocal - M. Hazelwood, Composer - M. Hazelwood, Lyricist - A. Hammond, Composer - A. Hammond, Lyricist

(P) 1972 Mums Records

Dolly Parton

Bob Ferguson, Producer - Dolly Parton, Composer - Dolly Parton, Lyricist - Dolly Parton, Performer

(P) 1973 Sony Music Entertainment

I Only Have Eyes for You (Album Version)
Art Garfunkel

Al Dubin, Composer - Al Dubin, Lyricist - Richard Perry, Producer - Harry Warren, Composer - Harry Warren, Lyricist - Art Garfunkel, Performer - Art Garfunkel, Producer

(P) 1975 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

If You Don't Know Me by Now (Album Version)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

Sam Reeds, Horns - Earl Young, Drums - Tony Martell, Executive Producer - Jay Mark, Engineer - Charles Collins, Drums - Leonard Pakula, Organ - Mike Hutchinson, Engineer - Larry Washington, Congas - Larry Washington, Bongos - Norman Harris, Guitar - Joe Tarsia, Engineer - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes featuring Teddy Pendergrass, Performer - Jim Gallagher, Engineer - Leon Huff, Composer - Leon Huff, Producer - Leon Huff, Piano - Leon Huff, Lyricist - ROLAND CHAMBERS, Guitar - RONNIE BAKER, Bass - Bobby Eli, Guitar - Kenneth Gamble, Composer - Kenneth Gamble, Producer - Kenneth Gamble, Lyricist

(P) 1972 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Me and Mrs. Jones (Album Version)
Billy Paul

Leon Huff, Producer - Leon Huff, Composer - Leon Huff, Lyricist - Tony Martell, Executive Producer - C. Gilbert, Composer - C. Gilbert, Lyricist - Billy Paul, Performer - Kenneth Gamble, Composer - Kenneth Gamble, Lyricist - Kenny Gamble, Producer - Randy Mahon, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1972 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Arms of Mary (Single Version)
The Sutherland Brothers

Iain Sutherland, Composer - Iain Sutherland, Lyricist - The Sutherland Brothers, Performer - Unknown, Producer

(P) 1975 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Black Betty (Original Version)
Ram Jam

Huddie Ledbetter, Composer - Huddie Ledbetter, Lyricist - Kasenetz & Katz, Producer - Ram Jam, Performer

(P) 1977 Sony Music Entertainment

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