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Britpop forever

Par Barry Moore |

The brilliant new album from Eugene McGuinness, leader of everlasting English rock…

And so the Brit Pop spirit has even more things to offer - great things! The proof can be seen in fourth album of Eugene McGuinness, a type of rock’n’roll crooner, who has already been on the scene for seven years. Throughout his new album LP, entitled Chroma, the songwriter brilliantly juggles all of his whims, from psych-pop to punk rock, in similar fashion to legendary groups like The Beatles or The Kinks. Like his brothers Richard Hawley and Miles Kane (who he also supported on tour and in the studio), with this release McGuiness hits home the fact that he is one of the flamboyant heirs to that everlasting music phenomenon known only as English rock. The artist is always careful to continue with certain traditions, holding resolute values and above all possessing an unparalleled sense of how to write the perfect pop song.

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