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Jolynn Daniel

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As a child growing up in Des Moines, IA, Jolynn Daniel learned to play the guitar and sing by aping the sounds of her parents' record collection, which included such folky 1970s heavyweights as Laura Nyro, Jackson Browne, and Joni Mitchell. Those willowy sounds proved influential to Daniel, who by the late '80s was performing regularly in New York City's thriving Greenwich Village neo-folk scene. There she hooked up with guitarist Janson Press and drummer Shawn Pelton, who teamed with her to record her full-length debut. Suspended dropped in 1994, and its Americana-style rock and folk sound found a positive reception at AAA radio. By 1997's Cosmic Daughter (Rebel Sky Music), Daniel had settled in Nashville, and the location afforded her valuable exposure and word of mouth. A support tour for bluesy Brit William Topley followed (through Music City-based Lost Highway). Daniel next issued a live album through Rebel Sky and following it with Come Closer in early 2003. It was the most mature representation yet of Daniel's mainstream blend of folk, country, and pop and included contributions from Matthew Ryan and ex-Wilco skins man Ken Coomer.
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