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Dédé Saint-Prix

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A hand drummer, bamboo flutist, and songwriter, St. Prix is one of the rootsmen of Martinique. After stints as percussionist in many local bands (including E+, Malavoi, and Pakatak), he formed his own band, Avan Van, in the early 80s and has never looked back. His pioneer efforts were in the melding of zouk sounds with a rural musical tradition called chouval bwa. As a songwriter he has lent his efforts to a variety of projects, reaching a pinnacle with an extremely funky cut called "Amazon" that appeared on Joelle Ursull's Black French album. Mi Se Sa, re-issued on Mango Records, is the most electric and not the most indicative of the total recorded output of St. Prix, even though it's likely to be the easiest to find.
© Gene Scaramuzzo /TiVo
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