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Rock - Uscito il 24 marzo 2014 | The End Records

While 13 might be unlucky to some, the Dandy Warhols embraced the inauspicious number on their first live album. Recorded in 2013 to celebrate the 13th anniversary of their third album, Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia Live at the Wonder finds the band re-creating its breakthrough album track for track. Although over a decade has passed since the album was originally released, this live set is dripping with the effortless cool of the original, offering fans a clear reminder of why these guys were the darlings of neo-psych both at home and abroad. The Dandys have claimed that they've tried to record live albums in the past, but Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia Live at the Wonder is the first one that's really taken, and listening to it, it doesn't take long to figure out why. This performance not only epitomizes the languid and stylish vibe the band puts out on its albums, but it shows that Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia was more than just a bit of studio magic. © Gregory Heaney /TiVo
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Rock - Uscito il 11 febbraio 2014 | The End Records