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Playlist: Epic

by Qobuz UK

  • 30 tracks - 02h03m

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With Michael Jackson, Sade, George Michael, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Merle Haggard, Pearl Jam, ELO....

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Title Artist Album Duration
Off the Wall
Michael Jackson Off The Wall 00:04:05

Michael Jackson, Performer - R. Temperton, Composer - R. Temperton, Lyricist - Quincy Jones, Producer

(P) 1979 MJJ Productions Inc.

You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell 00:05:05

Meat Loaf, Associated Performer, Main Artist - Jim Steinman, Arranger, Composer, Keyboards, Lyricist, Percussion - Rory Dodd - Ellen Foley - Todd Rundgren, Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Producer - Kasim Sultan, Bass - Max Weinberg, Drums - ROY BITTAN, Keyboards, Piano - Roger Powell, Synthesizer

(P) 1977 Sony Music Entertainment

Stevie Ray Vaughan In Step 00:04:10

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Associated Performer, Main Artist, Producer - B.Carter, Composer, Lyricist - Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guitar - R. Wynans, Composer, Lyricist - C. Layton, Composer, Lyricist - Gaines Jim, Producer - TOMMY SHANNON, Bass Guitar - R. Ellsworth-Carter, Composer, Lyricist - Chris "Whipper" Layton, Drums, Percussion - T. Shannon, Composer, Lyricist - Reese Wynans, Keyboards - Joe Sublett, Horn - Darrell Leonard, Horn

(P) 1989 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Give Me Love
Izzy Bizu A Moment of Madness (Deluxe) 00:03:16

Izzy Bizu, Associated Performer, Main Artist - Isobel Bizu Beardshaw, Composer, Lyricist - Mika Barroux, Bass Guitar, Composer, Electric Guitar, Lyricist, Percussion - Paul Herman, Acoustic Guitar, Composer, Electric Guitar, Lyricist, Piano, Producer, Programmer - Justin Broad, Bass Guitar, Composer, Lyricist, Piano, Producer, Programmer - Wired Strings, Strings - Patrick Kiernan, Violin - Anna Croad, Violin - Stephanie Cavey, Violin - Hayley Pomfrett, Violin - Jenny Sacha, Violin - Eleanor Stanford, Violin - Sally Jackson, Violin - Eleanor Mathieson, Violin - Nick Barr, Viola - Rebecca Jones, Viola - Rosie Danvers, Cello - Laura Anstee, Cello - Andy Marshall, Bass - Nick Taylor, Engineer, Recording Engineer - Steve Fitzmaurice, Mixing Engineer, Programmer - Charles Wong, Assistant Engineer - Jeremy Cooper, Mastering Engineer

(P) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Smooth Operator (Single Version)
Various Artists 80s 100 Hits - Volume 2 00:04:18

Andrew Hale, Keyboards - Dave Early, Drums - Dave Early, Percussion - G. Matthewman, Trumpet - Helen Adu, Composer - Helen Adu, Lyricist - Helen Adu, Vocal - Martin Ditchman, Percussion - Mike Pela, Engineer - Paul Denman, Bass - Pete Brown, 2nd Engineer - R. St. John, Composer - R. St. John, Lyricist - Robin Millar, Producer - Sade, Performer - Simon Driscoll, 2nd Engineer - Stuart Matthewman, Guitar - Stuart Matthewman, Saxophone - Terry Bailey, Trumpet - Tom Coyne, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1984 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Meghan Trainor Thank You (Deluxe Version) 00:03:33

Meghan Trainor, Associated Performer, Composer, Lyricist, Main Artist - Eric Frederic, Composer, Lyricist - Ricky Reed, Keyboards, Piano, Producer, Programmer - Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Composer, Lyricist - Ethan Shumaker, Engineer - Manny Marroquin, Mixing Engineer - Chris Galland, Assistant Engineer - Ike Schultz, Assistant Engineer - Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer

(P) 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Always with Me, Always with You (Album Version)
Joe Satriani Surfing With The Alien 00:03:22

Bongo Bob Smith, Drum Programmer - Bongo Bob Smith, Engineer - Bongo Bob Smith, Percussion - George Marino, Mastering Engineer - Jeff Campitelli, Drums - Jeff Campitelli, Percussion - Joe Satriani, Bass - Joe Satriani, Composer - Joe Satriani, Drum Programmer - Joe Satriani, Guitar - Joe Satriani, Keyboards - Joe Satriani, Lyricist - Joe Satriani, Percussion - Joe Satriani, Performer - Joe Satriani, Producer - John Cuniberti, Engineer - John Cuniberti, Percussion

(P) 1987 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Led Boots (Album Version)
Jeff Beck Wired 00:04:03

John Mills, Mixing Engineer - John Mills, Recording Engineer - John Arrias, Recording Engineer - Mark Guercio, 2nd Engineer - Narada Michael Walden, Drums - Geoff Emerick, Mixing Engineer - Max Middleton, Composer - Max Middleton, Lyricist - Pete Henderson, Recording Engineer - Jeff Beck, Guitar - Jeff Beck, Performer - Wilbur Bascomb, Bass - Producer not documented on available sources, Producer - Dennis McKay, Recording Engineer - Chris Bond, Assistant Producer - Jan Hammer, Synthesizer - Jan Hammer, Re-Mixer - Vic Anesini, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1976 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

One Track Mind
Cyndi Lauper True Colors 00:03:42

Cyndi Lauper, Arranger, Associated Performer, Main Artist, Producer - C. Lauper, Composer, Lyricist - Lennie Petze, Arranger, Producer - Jimmy Bralower, Arranger, Composer, Drums, Lyricist - David Wolff, Executive Producer - Mccurry John, Guitar - J. Bova, Composer, Lyricist - Brian McGee, Engineer, Mixing Engineer - DAVE O'DONNELL, Assistant Engineer - L. Petze, Composer, Lyricist - Jon Goldberger, Assistant Engineer - Jeff Bova, Arranger, Keyboards - Tim Kramer, Assistant Engineer - George Marino, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1986 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

No Scrubs
TLC 20 00:03:36

TLC, Associated Performer, Main Artist, Associated Performer - Kevin Briggs, Composer, Lyricist - Kandi Burruss, Composer, Lyricist - Chilli - Tameka "Tiny" Cottle - Debra Killings - Tameka Cottle, Composer, Lyricist - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Composer, Lyricist, Rap - Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs, Producer - Carlton Lynn, Recording Engineer - Ty Hudson, Assistant Engineer - Leslie Braithwaite, Mixing Engineer - Vernon J. Mungo, Assistant Engineer

(P) 1999 LaFace Records LLC

Faith (Remastered Version)
George Michael Faith 00:03:13

George Michael, Arranger - George Michael, Composer - George Michael, Lyricist - George Michael, Performer - George Michael, Producer

(P) 2010 G.K. Panayiotou, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Once It's Gotcha (Album Version)
Santana Freedom 00:05:46

Sterling, Synthesizer - Gregg & Cory, Arranger - Santana Band, Arranger - Mark Keller, Background Vocal - Chester Thompson, Composer - Chester Thompson, Vocal - Chester Thompson, Lyricist - Chester Thompson, Keyboards - Junior Wells, Vocal - Junior Wells, Harp - Annie Stocking, Background Vocal - Graham Lear, Drums - Jeffrey Cohen, Producer - Jeffrey Cohen, Composer - Jeffrey Cohen, Lyricist - Jeffrey Cohen, Arranger - Jeanie Tracy, Background Vocal - Buddy Miles, Vocal - Alphonso Johnson, Composer - Alphonso Johnson, Lyricist - Alphonso Johnson, Bass - Santana, Performer - Kitty Beethovan, Background Vocal - Raul Rekow, Vocal - Raul Rekow, Congas - Raul Rekow, Percussion - Armando Peraza, Percussion - Armando Peraza, Congas - Armando Peraza, Bongos - Buddy Guy, Vocal - Pamela Rose, Background Vocal - Bob Ludwig, Mastering Engineer - Tom Coster, Composer - Tom Coster, Lyricist - Tom Coster, Keyboards - Robert Missbach, Engineer - Robert Missbach, Mixing Engineer - Orestes Vilató, Percussion - Carlos Santana, Vocal - Carlos Santana, Producer - Carlos Santana, Guitar - Carlos Santana, Composer - Carlos Santana, Lyricist

(P) 1987 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Wonderful Life
Hurts Happiness - Deluxe Edition 00:04:14

Adam Anderson, Composer - Adam Anderson, Lyricist - George Marino, Mastering Engineer - Hurts, Other - Hurts, Performer - Hurts, Producer - Hurts, Programmer - Joe Cross, Composer - Joe Cross, Producer - Jonas Quant, Producer - Mark Stent, Mixing Engineer - Theo Hutchcraft, Composer - Theo Hutchcraft, Lyricist

(P) 2010 Major Label Limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Dr. Beat (Album Version)
Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits 00:04:22

Betty Cortes, Synthesizer - E. E. Garcia, Composer - E. E. Garcia, Lyricist - Eddie Calle, Performer - Emilio Estefan, Jr., Producer - Enrigue "Kiki" Garcia, Drums - Gloria M. Estefan, Vocal - Gustavo Lezcano, Harmonica - Joe Galdo, Performer - Jr. Emilio Estefan, Percussion - Juan Marcos Avila, Bass - Lawrence Dermer, Performer - Leo Villar, Trumpet - Luis Perez, Trombone - Miami Sound Machine, Performer - Roger Fisher, Keyboards - Rubens Basini, Performer - Victor López, Trumpet - Wesley B. Wright, Guitar

(P) 1984 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Ain't It Funny (Remix featuring Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah)
Jennifer Lopez Dance Again...The Hits 00:03:50

7, Producer - Caddillac Tah, Composer - Caddillac Tah, Lyricist - Cory Rooney, Composer - Cory Rooney, Lyricist - Irv Gotti, Producer - Irving Lorenzo, Composer - Irving Lorenzo, Lyricist - Jeffrey Atkins, Composer - Jeffrey Atkins, Lyricist - Jennifer Lopez, Composer - Jennifer Lopez, Lyricist - Jennifer Lopez, Performer

(P) 2001 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

A Tribe Called Quest, Associated Performer, Main Artist - Kamaal Fareed, Composer, Lyricist

(P) 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Blame It on the Boogie
The Jacksons Destiny 00:03:35

The Jacksons, Associated Performer, Main Artist, Producer - Michael Jackson Clark, Composer, Lyricist - David J. Jackson-Rich, Composer, Lyricist - Hans Kampschroer, Composer, Lyricist - Elmar Krohn, Composer, Lyricist - Thomas Meyer, Composer, Lyricist - Jerry Hey, Arranger - Tito Jackson, Guitar - Mike Sembello, Guitar - Ronald Bautista, Guitar - Rick Marotta, Drums, Percussion - Laudir De Oliveira, Congas - Claudio Slen, Congas - Greg Philinganes, Keyboards - Nathan Watts, Bass - Gary King, Bass - BOBBY COLOMBY, Executive Producer - Mike Atkinson, Executive Producer - Don Murray, Engineer - Peter Granet, Engineer

(P) 1978 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Stevie Knows ) ((Acoustic) [Live])
Olly Murs Acoustic & Live Tracks 00:03:02

John Allen, Background Vocal - Sam Martin, Composer, Lyricist - Ian Kirkpatrick, Composer, Lyricist - Olly Murs, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Sean Barry, Keyboards, Mixing Engineer - Dave Turner, Mastering Engineer - Alexander Izquierdo, Composer, Lyricist - Darren Ellison, Background Vocal - Rupert Fenn, Guitar - Ben Lyonsmyth, Bass - Dexter Hercules, Percussion - Jonathan Sagis, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer

(P) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Winter Song (Album Version)
Various Artists The Hotel Café presents... Winter Songs 00:04:26

Ingrid Michaelson, Vocal - Ingrid Michaelson, Performer - Ingrid Michaelson, Ukulele - Ingrid Michaelson, Composer - Ingrid Michaelson, Lyricist - Ingrid Michaelson, Glockenspiel - Oliver Kraus, Acoustic Cello - Sara Bareilles, Composer - Sara Bareilles, Piano - Sara Bareilles, Performer - Sara Bareilles, Vocal - Sara Bareilles, Lyricist - Brian Gardner, Mastering Engineer - Marko Shafer, Executive Producer - John Alagia, Producer - John Alagia, Mixing Engineer - Maximillian Mamikunian, Executive Producer - Scott Greer, Executive Producer - Vaughn Merrick, Mixing Engineer - Vaughn Merrick, Engineer

(P) 2008 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Big City
Merle Haggard Big City 00:03:02

Merle Haggard, Associated Performer, Composer, Guitar, Lyricist, Main Artist, Producer - Lewis Talley, Producer - Dean Holloway, Composer, Lyricist - Jim Upshaw, Assistant Producer - Roy Nichols, Guitar, Harmonica - Ken Suesov, Engineer - Tiny Moore, Fiddle, Mandolin - Russ Bracher, Assistant Engineer - Norm Hamlet, Dobro, Steel Guitar - Biff Adams, Drums - Mark Yeary, Piano - Dennis Hromek, Bass - Jimmy Belkin, Fiddle - Don Markham, Horn, Saxophone, Trumpet - Slyde Hyde, Trombone

(P) 1981 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

I Bet
Ciara Jackie (Deluxe) 00:04:47

Ciara, Associated Performer, Main Artist - Harmony "H-Money" Samuels, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Chris "TEK" O'Ryan, Engineer, Producer, Recording Engineer - Timothy Thomas, Composer, Lyricist - Theron Thomas, Composer, Lyricist - Carlos King, Engineer - Jaycen Joshua, Mixing Engineer - Ciara Harris, Composer, Lyricist - Josh Sellers, Engineer - Ryan Kaul, Assistant Engineer - Maddox Chhim, Assistant Engineer - Todd Robinson, Assistant Engineer - Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer

(P) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Paid My Dues (Album Version)
Anastacia Freak of Nature 00:03:20

Danny Madden, Background Vocal - Dan Hetzel, Mixing Engineer - Nicky Richards, Background Vocal - Greg Lawson, Composer - Greg Lawson, Lyricist - Dave Scheuer, Recording Engineer - Jim Annunziato, 2nd Engineer - Ric Wake, Producer - Ric Wake, Arranger - Eric Kupper, Guitar - Eric Kupper, Keyboards - Anastacia, Background Vocal - Anastacia, Composer - Anastacia, Lyricist - Anastacia, Performer - Richie Jones, Producer - Richie Jones, Mixing Engineer - Richie Jones, Drum Programmer - Richie Jones, Arranger - LaMenga Kafi, Background Vocal - LaMenga Kafi, Composer - LaMenga Kafi, Lyricist - Damon Sharpe, Composer - Damon Sharpe, Lyricist - Marc Russell, Coordinator - Marc Russell, Bass

(P) 2001 Sony Music Entertainment

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (Album Version)
Good Charlotte The Young and The Hopeless 00:03:10

Eric Valentine, Producer - Eric Valentine, Engineer - Eric Valentine, Arranger - Eric Valentine, Mixing Engineer - Benji Madden, Composer - Benji Madden, Lyricist - Dave Cooley, Edited By - Ken Allardyce, Engineer - Good Charlotte, Performer - Wes Seidman, Edited By - B. Madden, Lyricist - B. Madden, Composer - J.Madden, Composer - J.Madden, Lyricist - Joel Madden, Composer - Joel Madden, Lyricist - Jason Slater, Edited By - Brian "BIG Bass" Gardner, Mastering Engineer - Eric Campbell, Arranger

(P) 2010 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

No More Tears (Album Version)
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears 00:07:24

John Purdell, Producer - John Purdell, Composer - John Purdell, Lyricist - Randy Castillo, Drums - Randy Castillo, Composer - Randy Castillo, Lyricist - John Sinclair, Keyboards - Zakk Wylde, Composer - Zakk Wylde, Lyricist - Zakk Wylde, Guitar - Duane Baron, Producer - Bob Daisley, Acoustic Bass - Mike Inez, Acoustic Bass - Mike Inez, Composer - Mike Inez, Lyricist - Mike Inez, Director - Ozzy Osbourne, Performer - Ozzy Osbourne, Composer - Ozzy Osbourne, Lyricist - Ozzy Osbourne, Vocal

(P) 1991 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Given to Fly (Album Version)
Pearl Jam Yield 00:04:00

Brendan O'Brien, Mixing Engineer - Brendan O'Brien, Producer - Eddie Vedder, Guitar - Eddie Vedder, Lyricist - Eddie Vedder, Vocal - Jack Irons, Drums - Jeff Ament, Bass - Matt Bayles, 2nd Engineer - Matt Bayles, Engineer - Mike McCready, Composer - Mike McCready, Guitar - Nick DiDia, Recording Engineer - Pearl Jam, Performer - Pearl Jam, Producer - Ryan Williams, 2nd Engineer - Sam Hofstedt, 2nd Engineer - Stone Gossard, Guitar

(P) 1998 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Turn to Stone
Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue 00:03:49

Electric Light Orchestra, Associated Performer, Main Artist - Jeff Lynne, Composer, Guitar, Lyricist, Percussion, Piano, Producer - Bev Bevan, Drums, Percussion - Richard Tandy, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer - Kelly Groucutt, Bass, Percussion

(P) 1977 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

How to Save a Life (New Album Version)
The Fray How To Save A Life 00:04:22

Aaron Johnson, Producer - Alex Uychocde, Mixing Engineer - Ben Wysocki, Composer - Dave Welsh, Composer - James Masterson, 2nd Engineer - Kevin Loyal, 2nd Engineer - King, Composer - King, Lyricist - Mark Endert, Mixing Engineer - Mike Flynn, Producer - Paul Mahern, Engineer - Slade, Composer - Slade, Lyricist - Stephen Marcussen, Mastering Engineer - The Fray, Performer - Warren Huart, Recording Engineer

(P) 2005 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)
Shakira Laundry Service 00:03:43

Shakira, Arranger, Associated Performer, Composer, Lyricist, Main Artist, Producer, Arranger, Associated Performer, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Rita Quintero - Léster Méndez for Living Stereo, Inc., Co-Producer - Emilio Estefan, Jr., Executive Producer - Bryan Ray, Guitar - Lester Mendez, Arranger, Keyboards - Tim Pierce, Guitar - Jorge Calandrelli, Executive Producer, Piano - Pablo Aslan, Bass Guitar - Kevin Dillon - RICHARD BRAVO, Percussion - Leyla Leeming - Archie Peña, Percussion - Jose Maldonado - Abraham Laboriel Jr., Drums - Carlos Paucar, Engineer - Alfred Figueroa, Engineer - Jorge Gonzalez, Assistant Engineer - Ken Theis, Assistant Engineer - Ed Williams, Assistant Engineer - Paul Bushnell, Bass - Chris Carroll, Assistant Engineer - Hector Del Curto, Bandoneon - Christine Tramontano, Assistant Engineer - David Alsina, Bandoneon - Scott Kieklak, Assistant Engineer - Michael M., Assistant Engineer - Nicholas Marshall, Assistant Engineer - Oswald Bowe, Assistant Engineer - Alex Dixon, Assistant Engineer - Javier Garza, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer - Ted Jensen, Mastering Engineer - Terry Manning, Recording Engineer - Eric Schilling, Recording Engineer - David Reitzas, Recording Engineer - Gustavo Celis, Recording Engineer - PAT MCCARTHY, Recording Engineer

(P) 2001 Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) B.V.

Know Your Enemy
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 00:04:55

Rage Against The Machine, Arranger, Associated Performer, Composer, Main Artist, Producer, Arranger, Associated Performer, Composer, Producer - James Keenan - GGGarth, Producer, Recording Engineer - Tom Morello, Guitar - Zack De La Rocha, Lyricist - Jeff Sheehan, Assistant Engineer - Stephen Perkins Add., Percussion - Brad Wilk, Drums - Craig Doubet, Assistant Engineer - ANDY WALLACE, Mixing Engineer - Bob Ludwig, Mastering Engineer - Timmy C., Bass - Stan Katayama, Recording Engineer

(P) 1992 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Hells Bells
AC/DC Back In Black 00:05:12

AC/DC, Associated Performer, Main Artist - Robert John 'Mutt' Lange, Producer - Angus Young, Composer, Guitar, Lyricist - Brian Johnson, Composer, Lyricist - Malcolm Young, Composer, Guitar, Lyricist - Phil Rudd, Drums - Cliff Williams, Bass

(P) 1980 Leidseplein Presse B.V.

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With Michael Jackson, Sade, George Michael, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Merle Haggard, Pearl Jam, ELO....

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