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The School

Sounding something like a lighter, poppier version of frontwoman Liz Hunt's former band, the Loves, the Cardiff, Wales-based group the School started putting together their earnest, whimsical indie pop tunes in 2007. Liz, Rosie (guitar/vocals), Steph (violin), Josh (drums), Ryan (bass), Ceri (guitar/vocals), and Filmryan (glockenspiel) had only played four live shows by the time they were signed to the Madrid, Spain-based label Elefant, which at the time was putting out records by like-minded acts like the Carrots and Fitness Forever. The School's first 7" single, "All I Wanna Do," pressed on bubblegum-pink vinyl, was released in the spring of 2008, and was followed closely by the band's debut EP, Let It Slip. The following year found the band touring the U.K. with the Boy Least Likely To, covering the Left Banke's classic "And Suddenly" for a split single on Slumberland, and contributing songs to the soundtrack of the acclaimed Spanish film Yo, También. They were also working with producer Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, the Field Mice) to finish their debut album. By the time Loveless Unbeliever was released in April of 2010, the group's lineup consisted of the core trio of Liz, Steph, and Ryan along with new members Rich (drums), Harri (guitar/vocals/glockenspiel), Fran (trumpet/vocals), Kay (keyboards/violin/vocals), and Ivan (guitar). After a time spent playing shows, releasing singles from Loveless ("Wishing & Hoping," "I Love Everything"), and writing new songs, the group returned with a new single, "Never Thought I'd See the Day," in early 2012. It was followed by their second album, Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything, in May of 2012. After the album's release, the group took some time off from the studio, finally resurfacing in 2014 with an entry in the WIAIWYA label's 7777777 Singles Club. The group returned for real in early 2015 with a new single, "All I Want from You Is Everything," featuring drums and production by former Slow Club bassist Rob Jones. Following another single, Do I Love You?," the group's third album, the Northern Soul-influenced Wasting Away & Wondering was released that fall.
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