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Electro - Released September 21, 1992 | XL Recordings

One of the few noncompilation rave albums of any worth, Experience balances a supply of top-this siren whistles and chipmunk divas with Liam Howlett's surprising flair for constructing track after track of intense breakbeat techno. Almost every song sounds like a potential chart-topper (circa 1992, of course) while the true singles "Your Love," "Charly," "Music Reach," and "Out of Space" add that extra bit of energy to the fray. More than just a relic of the rave experience, Experience shows the Prodigy near the peak of their game from the get-go. ~ John Bush

Electro - Released September 27, 2004 | XL Recordings


Electro - Released July 27, 1993 | XL Recordings


Electro - Released November 22, 2004 | XL Recordings


Electro - Released November 9, 1992 | XL Recordings


Electro - Released March 29, 1993 | XL Recordings


Electro - Released September 7, 1992 | XL Recordings


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