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Alternative & Indie - Released May 5, 2017 | Dead Oceans

Hi-Res Distinctions Pitchfork: Best New Music
Time seems to have stopped. As if the twenty-two years separating Pygmalion, released in 1995, and the eponymous Slowdive, released during the spring of 2017, had only lasted a few seconds… At a time when the shoegaze revival is in full force, it’s only logical than one of the leaders of this movement would resurface, with Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin and Simon Scott. We thus find all the markers from Slowdive, as if this big elapsed decade hadn’t changed a thing. With its reverberated guitars, chloroformed singing, floating keyboards and sweet choruses, the British formation is still a beautiful dream machine. And on a masterpiece like the single Star Roving, all the ingredients are meticulously gathered. With such an album, you don’t have to say that things aren’t what they used to be because things are really great these days… © MZ/Qobuz

Alternative & Indie - Released January 13, 2017 | Dead Oceans