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Rock - Released November 13, 2020 | Nuclear Blast

After Lemmy Kilmister passed away, Phil Campbell easily could have laid down his guitar after 32 years with Motörhead and got a bit of rest. Instead, he chose to carry on the legacy with his three sons: Todd (guitar), Tyla (bass) and Dane (drums). The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The singer Neil Starr (from the band Attack! Attack! and a long-standing friend of the three offspring) is the only one to not share any of the Campbell’s DNA. Literally, that is. Musically, it’s obvious that the five musicians are all on the same wavelength. Less sweet-talking than Motörhead (Starr’s voice is a lot more melodic than Lemmy’s fiery tone), the Bastard Sons and their old man don’t go for subtleties. The anxiety-inducing opening songs We’re the Bastards and Son of a Gun set the tone right from the off with fast-paced hard rock and predictable yet strong melodies that get your foot tapping. Despite being a Welsh group, the vocals have a surprisingly American twang and the intros of Born to Roam and Desert Song are reminiscent of Aerosmith! However, they soon return to what they know on Animals where the driving riff and bassline sound like Motörhead. The album flits between nods to their old leader and the new group’s own identity. Probably due to the fact that he’s surrounded by youngsters, Campbell has gone for a wisely chosen tracklist here. Nothing sounds outdated. Dane Søren Andersen’s slick production (Mike Tramp’s accomplice) anchors We’re the Bastards well in its time. In contrast to a lot of ex-cult musicians, Phil seems determined to never become a “has-been” or tarnish his own legend. In fact, this album just goes to show that he’s decisively a “still is”. © Charlélie Arnaud/Qobuz

Rock - Released January 26, 2018 | Nuclear Blast

Led by Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell, the Bastard Sons follow a 2016 self-titled EP with their debut long-player. Age of Absurdity features 11 songs plus a bonus track. The album was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bring Me the Horizon, Don Broco) in Wales at Rockfield and Longwave Studios, and mastered at the legendary Abby Road Studios in London. © Bekki Bemrose /TiVo

Rock - Released June 23, 2017 | Nuclear Blast