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Ambient drift rock band Landing were formed in 1998 by married couple Aaron and Adrienne Snow, two musicians who met at Brigham Young University and moved to Connecticut after graduating. Starting out as a duo under the name May Landing, keyboardist Adrienne and guitarist Aaron were eventually joined by drummer/bassist Daron Gardner and guitarist/bassist Dick Baldwin, and later on by multi-instrumentalist Peter Baumann (often erroneously mistaken for the former Tangerine Dream member of the same name). Landing quickly set about recording their dark, ambient dream pop, resulting in several cassette and EP releases including, notably, their 1999 debut EP Centrefuge. Their early work was stylistically close to that of contemporaries like Flying Saucer Attack, Bowery Electric, and Windy & Carl, with buried vocals and washes of noisy texture riding slow, drawn-out rhythms. The year 2001 brought the release of their debut full-length Circuit (Music Fellowship), their second full-length release Oceanless (Strange Attractors Audio House), and a split EP with Windy & Carl (also on Music Fellowship). Prolific in their early days, Landing followed the next year with Seasons (Ba Da Bing), as well as several EPs of new material. Two albums on venerable indie label K Records showed up over the next two years, Passages Through in 2003 and Sphere in 2004. They returned to Strange Attractors with 2005's Brocade before issuing limited LP Gravitational IV on Equation Records in 2006. After a hiatus, they surfaced in 2009 with a 7" on the Geographic North label, which preceded a self-titled full-length in 2012. At this point the band had switched up membership somewhat, with Baldwin no longer in the band and multi-instrumentalist John Miller joining. Always collecting new music in the extended-play single format, Landing issued two new EPs after their return, Wave Lair in 2012 and II the next year. Following the 2015 EP Body Diffuser on Vast Arc Hues, the full-length Third Sight was released by El Paraiso in 2016, followed shortly by Complekt on These Are Not Records. The Krautrock-influenced Bells in New Towns appeared on El Paraiso in 2018.
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