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Eels: Once upon a time...

By Barry Moore |

The newest release from the great Mark Oliver Everett, AKA "Mr. E" on Qobuz!

When he first arrived on the scene in the mid-1990s with album "Beautiful Freak", Mr. Everett, the brain behind alternative/indie group Eels, was quickly compared to other prominent artists at the time, such as Beck. Almost two decades later, Mark Oliver Everett remains a master of that alternative rock sound. "The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett", the frontman perhaps signs off on his finest album released to date, with every artistic bone in his body personified in this diverse new album: beautiful lyrics, lush arrangements and pensive melodies catch the listener from one end of the album to the other.

Graceful and dreamlike in it's deliverance, this 'vintage' 2014 release immerses the listener in the thoughts and personal emotions of singer, who is now in his fifties and wanted to make an album that would connect him with his wider audience:

"I listened to what we had done, and it made me uncomfortable… but not uncomfortable enough," Everett comments, "I decided to scrub over half of the songs and write new ones that would make me feel even more uneasy. If I'm not uncomfortable, It's not real enough. I needed to dig a little deeper."

In short, Eels have experienced one of the most acclaimed careers in the world of music (even the great Tom Waits said he "looks forward to each new disc") and this new release doesn't disappoint. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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