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SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer: Big Bass in a Small Package

By Kenn Richards |

The short story
● Incredible Performance
● Super easy setup including app
● Outstanding room gain compensation

Micro Subwoofer delivers mega sound.

A well-designed subwoofer can dramatically increase the pleasure you get from your audio setup by bringing the boom to your room but one of the drawbacks has been the size. There have been many attempts to bring the performance of a great sub to a smaller footprint, which SVS has just achieved.

Their SVS Micro 3000 subwoofer delivers outstanding, tight musical bass in a tiny 10" unit. It looks beautiful as well—available in an exquisite gloss piano finish in black or white that will look classy in any room.Some will want more room-shaking bass, and others might balk that the lowest reproducible frequency is 23hz. But for most, this unit will provide all the bass you'll ever need in a living room setting.

One of the most innovative and outside-the-box features of the 3000 Micro sub is the side positioned dual 8-inch driver paired with an 800-watt RMS amplifier. Since the speakers fire in opposite directions in concert, any mechanical energy is canceled out. This design choice keeps your sub from dancing around, which has been an issue with micro subs in the past. You can also place it in all sorts of places you wouldn't assume, like on a stable shelf. A bonus is that if you have downstairs neighbors, they will be less bummed about your new bass.

The bundled app is pretty incredible, especially the room gain compensation. This feature helps your sub settle into your environment with a tap of the app. It allows for tons of additional customization, including low pass filter phase and polarity adjustments, and even presets (think movies or music).

In our tests, we paired the Micro 3000 with a Parasound amp using our MyTek Brooklyn Bridge as a source with a variety of speakers. Every test passed with flying colors. Whether you're rattling the foundations with serious bass or adding some fullness to your setup, it's hard to see how you could not love the SVS Micro 3000 Subwoofer.

Music used
● Vince Staples - "THE SHINING"
● The Roots - "Proceed"
● Raf Rundell - "Alway Fly (Bruise Remix)"
● Charles Mingus - "Peggy's Blueskylight"
● CAN - "Stuttgart 75 Drei"
● The Staple Singers - "You've Got to Earn It"

Subwoofer Specs:
● Dimensions (including grilles): 10.9" (278mm) H X 11.7" (297mm) W X 10.7" (271mm) D.
● Weight: 22.5lbs (10.2kg).
● 800-watt RMS, 2,500-watt peak Sledge STA-800D amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output.
● Rear-mounted internal amplifier with Intelligent Control Interface (ICI).

Driver Specs:
● Dual opposing 8-inch drivers designed electrically and mechanically in parallel for massive output from and a sonically inert cabinet, and ultra-low system vibration even at maximum output levels.
● Precisely tuned overhung motor configuration for precise woofer control at all drive levels.
● Proprietary injection-molded NBR surround built for extreme-excursion and longevity at reference playback levels.
● 6061 aluminum shorting ring improves the linearity of magnetics and reduces distortion and gap inductance.
● Dual 8-inch baskets with FEA optimized powder-coated frames for maximum rigidity, thermal conductivity, and mechanical damping.

Amplifier Specs:
● Effortless on-demand power from 800-watt RMS, 2,500-watts peak Sledge STA-800DM amplifier with fully-discrete MOSFET output.
● High-efficiency Class-D switching topology with massive 25-amp 600-volt MOSFETs results in ample current, vanishing distortion, and excellent linearity to generate massive low-frequency output with pinpoint accuracy.
● High-resolution 50MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with double precision 56-bit filtering industry best processing power for advanced control and pristine output.