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The King is dead, long live the King

By Barry Moore |

39 years ago, Elvis Aaron Presley fell from the throne...

The facts are well known, but tell their own tale: America has known more than 40 presidents, but only one king! That king died 39 years ago today... and as such, every 16th of August is every rock'n'roller's day of tribute to the man himself. On this day in 1977, Elvis Aaron Presley gave up his soul at only 42 years old... Only 42 years spent on earth, but a unique influence on music, on culture, and on the American nation that will never be truly known or measured. It's an aura that goes even beyond the personification of rock music. With his voice, music, provocative shows and a style all his own: everything was there to create a veritable icon. Though he was first an idol for rebellious youngsters, Elvis quickly became a worldwide symbol. He embodied the American dream, with its showmanship, glamour, excess, and Hollywood worthy backstory. Today we celebrate one of the most important men to grace this planet.

The first years of the King's musical career are spellbindingly, dazzlingly brilliant. Sadly, the skies were to darken quickly after his manager, the legendary Colonel Parker, steered Elvis towards movie-making and the trappings of fame, with his coffers in mind ...

It is altogether too tragic that such a bright spark could be so easily led astray by those closest to him, and one can only wonder what might have become of Elvis and all his genius, had he lived today... Despite the King's fall from grace, we can still say he had something that others do not: true star quality. RIP the King.

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