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FKA twigs is back!

A new, peerless five song EP heralded her return earlier this week…

By Barry Moore | Video of the Day | August 20, 2015

Sixteen and a half minutes, five songs, and a video. With M3LL155X (pronounced Melissa), FKA twigs delivers the follow-up to her brilliant debut album, LP1, which was one of the soundtracks to last summer. This new EP is short, but dense (and, adhering to one of the present moment’s most dominant trends, was released completely without warning); it shows the young Londoner retaining her distinct fusion of cerebral electro, sensual R&B, and vocal elasticity. twigs originally worked as a backing dancer for contemporary pop videos. Her newest release further stakes her claim as the reigning queen of the shadowlands between commercial soul and more experimental electronica. She consistently hits the sweet spot, though, on this EP. FKA twigs does not compromise on her unusual ability to be both classically pop and formally avant-garde – her skittering, sparse beats remain one of the chief calling-cards of her music. This central duality is key to understanding her originality. In twigs, we may have an artist who can be to the 2010s what Björk was to the 1990s…

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