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The Drones are coming

By Harry Chancellor |

On 8th June, Muse finally release their much-anticipate 7th album, Drones

It's been a long time coming, this album! Over the past few weeks, Muse have little by little began to unveil tracks from their new album Drones, out 8th June. However, after such a long wait, this drip-feeding approach left fans only more excited to finally get their hands on new material from the band whose previous studio album, The 2nd Law, came out three years ago. Before the album's release, six tracks were put online: Psycho, Dead Inside, Mercy, Reapers, The Handler and Defector. The wait is over: the Drones are here.

Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard have assured fans that they are going back to their roots: Drones is heavier, more frenetic and more rock'n'roll than its recent predecessors. Guitar riffs dominate and the bass thunders below soaring melodies. Whilst this album marks a clear shift in the band's style, it remains unmistakably Muse: Bellamy's operatic vocals are still at the fore, with the dramatic falsetto and melodic swoops which fans know and love. Produced by Robert Lange (who famously worked with AC/DC) and recorded at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver and partially in Milan, Drones leads the listener into a dark Orwellian universe where nobody is safe from the menace in the skies.

Original article by LÉO GAUDIER
Translation by RACHEL HARPOLE

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