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The Icelandic King of Pop is Back!

By Smaël Bouaici |

The frontman of Icelandic band Sigur Rós, Jónsi, had tried his hand at a solo career ten years ago with the album Go. In order to get the ball rolling in this direction again, it took an offer from A. G. Cook, the founder of PC Music and Charli XCX’s creative director...

Being one of the most sought after producers around, A. G. Cook's offer was hard to refuse. Why would Jónsi say no to a collaboration that would attract alt-pop, prog rock and experimental fans?

The album kicks off with Exhale, a track with an apt title that uses synth samples modelled on Jónsi’s breaths. Then we're thrown into the future with Hold before being taken in the complete opposite direction with the very 80s Cannibal (featuring Liz Fraser from the Cocteau Twins).

Apart from the dancefloor track Salt Licorice with Swedish icon Robyn and a few moments that are a bit 'too much', Shiver is an album made for tripping out under a duvet.

There are haunting ambient passages and amazing atmospheric songs like Granade and Beautiful Boy on which Jónsi brings out his famous falsetto. This is certainly a record that lives up to its promises.


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