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Lower Dens' Fabulous Revolt

Along with Bat For Lashes' Lost Girl (released Sep. 6th), this might be one of the best synth-pop albums of the year.

By Alexis Renaudat | Video of the Day | September 7, 2019

At the crossing point between new wave, shimmering retro pop and dreamy, reverb-drenched atmospheres. What is … Lower Dens? The King of queer-chic, Jana Hunter, started out in 2010 with a bona fide indie rock band, and it was mostly a sum of lo-fi DIY inspirations. These days (2019), the caterpillar is more like a butterfly, called Competition. Sonically, the record is a tribute to the 80s – U2, New Order, A Flock of Seagulls – the now-duo have veered further away from their guitar-focused roots, whilst defending their political convictions no matter the cost. Proof is in the pudding with the very controversial single Young Republicans, which depicts the right-of-center youth as psychopathic cannibals in its youtube video. Needless to say the song was banned from the airwaves in the United States. It’s the radios’ loss, because Competition has some real gems, such as the banging dance tune Lucky People. Synthpop is the keyword of this fourth record, but they finished this album off in style, with an excellent piano ballad, titled In Your House; melancholy, gender-fluidity and an amazing tone of voice are the ingredients for this stripped-down gem. Great execution, and amazing production throughout. ©Alexis Renaudat/Qobuz

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