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DUCKWRTH, A SuperGood Album?

By Brice Miclet |

Duckwrth is at a turning point in his career. He is one of those artists who has been in the game long enough to be clearly recognisable, but struggles to make a clear mark.

Since featuring on Kendrick Lamar’s album Damn in 2016, he’s been in an airlock, in that 'in-between' space where an artist chooses either to stand out musically or to take the easy way out and create commercially viable music. For his second album, Jared Lee - his real name - took the first option. He travels back and forth through the countless R&B and soul influences that make up his music. On SuperGood, DUCKWRTH goes from early 2010s R&B (New Love Song) to rap-jazz (Super Bounce with EARTHGANG), with an omnipresent sensuality that unfortunately does little to mask the often simple and easy melodies and themes.

However, we can’t accuse him of not being ambitious when he dares to venture into nonchalant house on Coming Closer or on the superb Money Dance, featuring Jean Deaux, a track that brings to mind Kaytranada's production style.

SuperGood stands out more than his previous album and is sprinkled with flourishing ideas, even if he sometimes struggles to keep up. This can be the price one pays for being audacious...

Watch DUCKWRTH's making of 'SuperGood'


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