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Caroline Rose, a superstar is born?

America's most adorable indie girl is back with a groovy 4th album "Superstar"...

By Shelly Ridenour | Video of the Day | March 9, 2020

Partly inspired by the 2001 film Mulholland Drive, Caroline Rose's synth-pop latest is like David Lynch for the influencer age. Press materials say Superstar is about "an anti-hero who moves to Hollywood… after receiving a wrong number call from the Chateau Marmont." The character pursues fame without any of the self-awareness Rose herself has in spades.

From pie-eyed dreams (Got to Go My Own Way) to donning a facade to fool the world (the Saint Etienne-esque "Someone New") to the pursuit of danger (Freak Like Me, about falling for a dominatrix) to cataloging mistakes (Back at the Beginning), it's a rise and fall in 13 acts. Feel the Way I Want channels SoCal sunshine with bright synth squiggles while exposing the mixed messages women on social media receive — love yourself, but not too much or you'll be torn down.

The music is as interesting as the storyline, with melodies that channel underwater worlds, 17th-century France, even '80s R&B: Do You Think We'll Last Forever bounces on an audacious rubber-band bass and Mary Jane Girls-worthy chorus.


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