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Caribou, Suddenly back

The British-Canadian producer has returned with his most poignant album to date, a stunning blend of electro-pop and house with tinges of hip-hop and soul.

By Smaël Bouaici | Video of the Day | March 13, 2020

Busy making music under his other alias Daphni (like 2017’s Joli Mai), UK/Canadian producer Dan Snaith returns to his Caribou moniker to deliver the much awaited follow up to Our Love, released six years ago but whose single Can’t Do Without You no one can forget (much like its remix by Tale Of Us). That follow up comes in the shape of 12-track-strong album Suddenly.

While Caribou is often recognised for his talent as a producer of impeccable sound, it can be easy to forget that he is also an excellent songwriter. This is a side to the artist that is really highlighted with this album: from the opening ballad Sister, his stripped back voice preludes an extremely personal opus on which he tries to deal with a difficult time he has experienced with his family. “I hope people enjoy listening to them, but these tracks were made for me. It was therapeutic.

Thus Dan Snaith lets everything free on this poignant album. Revealing that he had turned down an offer to work with Rihanna (and regretting it ever since), he dips his toe into hip-hop on Suddenly with Sunny’s Time and Home, in future R&B on New Jade and even synthpop on You and I.

Caribou strikes gold with Never Come Back, a perfect blend of electro-pop with house-y keyboards, pushy beats, catchy melodies and his signature falsetto.


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