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A look back at some never-forgotten BRIT performances

The BRIT Awards never fail to get the news outlets talking about the antics from the night... The annual awards that reward the top stars of British music have had more than their fair share of standout moments.

By Christopher Steele | Video of the Day | February 19, 2020

The BRIT Awards are notorious for being the one night of the year that the top stars in the British music industry let their hair down and party, while celebrating the best talent in the UK and around the world from the previous year. The drinks flow, spirits are high, and the outcome is never disappointing. Several radio presenters have been known to party through the night and arrive for their morning shows having not slept since the night before...

Last night saw the 2020 awards take place, with big nights for Lewis Capaldi who won two awards and rapper Dave winning the coveted Best British Album for Psychodrama.

Aside from the yearly winners and the losers, the performances on the night are, as expected, extravagant and often unforgettable. There are plenty of performances cemented in British pop culture history, but some stick in our memory more than others.

The most talked-about moment in recent BRITs history is without a doubt Madonna and Capegate. The 2015 awards were supposed to be the megastar’s big comeback, as she kicked off the promotion for her new album Rebel Heart with a performance of Living for Love. However, a wardrobe malfunction occurred and as she could not detach herself from her cape, she was dragged off the stage mid-performance:

Props to her for carrying on like such a professional!

The most famous moment, possibly ever, in the relatively short history of the BRITs came in 1997, when the Spice Girls (Ginger Spice to be exact) got everyone talking with their performance of Who Do You Think You Are. Geri Halliwell came on stage wearing an extra-short mini dress made out of a Union Jack tea towel… becoming the epitome of British 1990s culture, propelling the Spice Girls to even further worldwide fame and ensuring the status of the BRITs as the Grammys’ fun, slightly reckless cousin. The dress in question was later sold at auction for a record-breaking £40,000 to raise money for charity.

Back to the 2010s, and a moving tribute by Gary Oldman and Annie Lennox to the then-recently deceased David Bowie, followed by Lorde singing a cover of Bowie’s Life on Mars. It was a special way for the British industry to remember one of the best there ever was:

These are just three of the top moments in the history of the awards. There have been rousing, emotional and mind-blowing performances by the likes of Kanye West, Adele and Stormzy as well as controversial moments on and off-stage from a range of various celebrities.



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