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Traditional Jazz & New Orleans - Released February 21, 2020 | La Forge Cir - Label Forge

Inspired by the singular story revealed in Theodora Kroeber's book Ishi in 2 worlds (1961) based on the work of her husband, anthropologist Alfred Louis Kroeber, the music on this album is entirely dedicated to Ishi, the last survivor of the Yahi tribe, thought to have been exterminated and extinct since 1872, who, in 1911, resolved to march towards the white world. At the Anthropology Museum of the University of California he attempted, despite the barrier of a language of which he was now the sole repository, to transmit the know-how and culture of his original community. In 1916 he retired to the distant Land of the Dead to find the shadows of the ancient Yahis with the discretion so well illustrated by his favourite farewell expression: "Stay, I'm leaving". This album presents the music alone without the reading of excerpts from Theodora Kroeber's book that punctuated the initial project. Drawing on a variety of 20th-century influences to be rooted primarily in jazz and North American roots, the music is played by three remarkable and totally committed musicians whose sincerity touches the heart.