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Hi-Res Audio

Qobuz Studio Masters - Sound as it was recorded in the studio, delivered in its entirety. No compression. No concessions. A file always provided by the producer, without any reprocessing. 24-bit albums, with a sampling frequency of up to 192 kHz, each time precisely indicated.

The Qobuz Quality Guarantee: a program specific to Qobuz Studio Masters, for even more quality and purchase security. A large selection of Qobuz Studio Masters albums already has the "Qualité Studio Masters Garantie" label. A team is dedicated to Qobuz Studio Masters albums. She
sources, verifies and tests each album, one by one before it goes on sale. Signal analysis, real-time listening, compliance verification are part of the systematic checks. At the end of these checks, the "Studio Masters Guaranteed Quality" label is awarded to the album.

Your advantages - You are certain of the sincerity of the products offered to you. You are certain of the quality of your purchase, and of its durability. You benefit from a personalized after-sales service, by email and by telephone if necessary. In the event of a faulty file problem*, your purchase is exchanged at double value*. All downloads in Qobuz Studio Masters quality are compatible with the main players on the market**.

* Qobuz guarantees the quality of any album featuring the distinction Qualité Studio Masters Garantie. If you notice any technical defect or sound compression on one of these albums, Qobuz will reimburse you twice the amount of your purchase in a gift certificate that can be used on the entire site within 3 months of receipt of this check.
** Windows Media Player, iTunes, Foobar, VLC, Real Player, QuickTime... Iphones, Ipods, Ipads are nevertheless blocked at quality files lower than or equal to 24 bits / 48 kHz, except for use of a special application.

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