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Hôtel Costes - Hôtel Costes volume 11

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Hôtel Costes volume 11

Hôtel Costes

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Hôtel Costes volume 11

Hôtel Costes

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Magnetising 00:03:46

Roberto Di Gioia, author & composeur - Martin Rojina, author - Peter Kruder, composer - Christian Prommer, composer

How many loves 00:03:43

Naomi, author & composer

Soda pop confusion 00:03:01

Vincent Mougel, author - Thierry Bellia, composer

Don't let go 00:03:25

Ramon Nova, author & composer

Skip to the bip 00:04:24

Kitty the Bill, author & composer - Brenda Boykin, author & composer

I want a little doggie 00:03:26

M. Lance, author & composer - P. Moore, author & composer

The game 00:05:18

Ashley Slater, author - Florian Pflüger, composer - Felix Stecher, composer - Robin Hofmann, composer - Rino Spadavecchia, composer

Broken Wings 00:02:41

Bryan Adams, author - Elliot Kennedy, composer

Enzo 00:02:40

De Jong, author - Kneppers, composer - Plug, composer

Why did we fire the gun ? 00:04:58

Zeebee, author - Klaus Waldeck, composer

Eden 00:04:45

Nicole Graham, author - Stéphane Pompougnac, composer - Marc Ricci, composer - Pierre Zito, composer

Avisado 00:03:56

G. Cencetti, author - Y. Servadei, composer

Boa Sorte 00:03:44

Vanessa De Mata, author & composer - Ben Harper, author & composer

Tijuana 00:03:57

JJ Cale, author & composer - Tom Eno, composer

Dead end street 00:06:29

Unni Wilhelmsen, author - Morten Varano, composer - Anders Trentmoller, composer

A suitcase of light 00:05:33

Gerrit Van Der Meer, author & composer

Mirage 00:04:16

Michael Robinson, author - Shazz, composer

Hello Mademoiselle 00:04:48

A. Bambury, author - Stéphane Pompougnac, composer - Marc Ricci, composer - Pierre Zito, composer

Hôtel Costes 11 by Stéphane Pompougnac (Full Mix - exclusivité numérqiue) 01:10:11

Stéphane Pompougnac, arranger

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