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Dave Pike - Fun And Sophistication

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Fun And Sophistication

Dave Pike

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Fun And Sophistication

Dave Pike

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My Little Swede Shoes 00:03:36

Dave Pike, Performer - Charlie Parker, Composer, Writer


St. Thomas 00:03:42

Dave Pike, Performer - Sonny Rollins, Composer, Writer


Mambo Bounce 00:03:11

Dave Pike, Performer - Sonny Rollins, Composer, Writer


Calypso Blues 00:03:43

Dave Pike, Performer - Nat King Cole, Composer, Writer - Don george, Composer, Writer


La Bamba 00:07:40

Dave Pike, Performer - Ritchie Valens, Composer, Writer


Jamaica Farewell 00:04:53

Dave Pike, Performer - Lord Burgess, Composer, Writer


Cattin' Latin 00:04:44

Dave Pike, Performer - Pony Poindexter, Composer, Writer


Matilda, Matilda 00:03:54

Dave Pike, Performer - Norman Span, Composer, Writer


Limbo Rock 00:02:24

Dave Pike, Performer - Jon Sheldon, Composer, Writer - Billy Strange, Composer, Writer


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By Dave Pike


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