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Various Artists - 50 Great Songs

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50 Great Songs

Various Artists

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50 Great Songs

Various Artists

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Christina Aguilera

Dave "Hard Drive" Pensado, Mixing Engineer - Christina Aguilera, Performer - The Section, Strings - Eric Gorfain, Violin - Richard Dodd, Acoustic Cello - Brian MacLeod, Drums - David Guerrero, Engineer - Davy Vain, 2nd Engineer - Davy Vain, Engineer - Linda Perry, Producer - Linda Perry, Composer - Linda Perry, Lyricist - Linda Perry, Engineer - Linda Perry, Guitar - Linda Perry, Acoustic Bass - Linda Perry, Piano - Linda Perry, Strings - Linda Perry, Arranger - Rafael Serrano, 2nd Engineer - Ethan Willoughby, 2nd Engineer - Shanti Randall, Viola - Damon Fox, Keyboards - Andrew Chavez, 2nd Engineer

(P) 2002 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Flying Without Wings

Westlife, Performer - Daniel Pursey, 2nd Engineer - Steve Pearce, Acoustic Bass - Matt Howe, Mixing Engineer - Wayne Hector, Composer - Wayne Hector, Lyricist - Wayne Hector, Vocal Arranger - Chris Laws, Engineer - Chris Laws, Programmer - Steve Mac, Composer - Steve Mac, Lyricist - Steve Mac, Mixing Engineer - Steve Mac, Producer - Steve Mac, Arranger - Steve Mac, Vocal Arranger - Steve Mac, Keyboards - Benny Diggs, Director - Paul Gendler, Guitar - Richard Niles, Arranger

(P) 1999 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

I Believe I Can Fly (Radio Edit)
R. Kelly

Paul Riser, Strings - "The Luv Club" Choir, Background Vocal - Keith Henderson, Guitar - The Motown Romance Orchestra, Strings - Carl Robinson, Recording Engineer - Stephen George, Recording Engineer - Stephen George, Mixing Engineer - Stephen George, Programmer - Percy Bady, Keyboards - R. Kelly, Performer - R. Kelly, Arranger - R. Kelly, Producer - R. Kelly, Mixing Engineer - R. Kelly, Programmer - R. Kelly, Composer - R. Kelly, Lyricist

(P) 1996 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Perfect Day
Lou Reed

Arun Chakranerty, Mastering Engineer - Mick Ronson, Producer - Mick Ronson, Arranger - Mick Ronson, Strings - Mick Ronson, Vocal - Mick Ronson, Guitar - Mick Ronson, Mixing Engineer - John Halzey, Drums - The Thunder Thighs, Vocal - Barry Desouza, Drums - Ken Scott, Engineer - Ken Scott, Mixing Engineer - Mike Stone, Engineer - Mike Stone, Mixing Engineer - David Bowie, Producer - David Bowie, Arranger - David Bowie, Vocal - David Bowie, Mixing Engineer - Herbie Flowers, Acoustic Bass - Herbie Flowers, Strings - Paul Williams, Re-Mastering Supervisor - Bill Lacey, Re-Mastering Engineer - Mike Hartry, Re-Mastering Engineer - Richie Dharma, Drums - Lou Reed, Composer - Lou Reed, Arranger - Lou Reed, Guitar - Lou Reed, Mixing Engineer - Lou Reed, Performer - Klaus Voorman, Acoustic Bass

(P) 1972 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Family Portrait

Oscar Ramirez, Recording Engineer - P!nk, Performer - P!nk, Composer - P!nk, Lyricist - Wassim Zreik, Recording Engineer - Herbie Powers Jr., Mastering Engineer - Scott Storch, Composer - Scott Storch, Lyricist - Scott Storch, Producer - Dave "Hard Drive" Pensado, Mixing Engineer

(P) 2001 RCA Records, a divison of Sony Music Entertainment

Greatest Love of All (Remastered: 2000)
Whitney Houston

Bill Schnee, Mixing Engineer - Julia Waters, Performer - Dann Huff, Performer - Robbie Buchanan, Performer - Randy Kerber, Performer - Maxine Waters, Performer - Russell Schmitt, Engineer - Lou Shelton, Performer - Linda Creed, Composer - Linda Creed, Lyricist - Paul Jackson Jr., Performer - Debbie Thomas, Performer - Nathan East, Performer - Whitney Houston, Performer - Michael Masser, Composer - Michael Masser, Lyricist - Michael Masser, Producer - Richard Marx, Performer - Clive Davis, Executive Producer - Michael Mancini, Engineer - Oren Waters, Performer

(P) 1985 Arista Records LLC

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Album Version)
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, Producer - Bob Dylan, Vocal - Bob Dylan, Composer - Bob Dylan, Performer - Bob Dylan, Lyricist

Originally Released 1963 Sony Music Entertainment

Hallelujah (Album Version)
Jeff Buckley

Andy Wallace, Producer - Matt Johnson, Percussion - Matt Johnson, Drums - Leonard Cohen, Composer - Leonard Cohen, Lyricist - Mick Grondahl, Bass - Steve Berkowitz, Executive Producer - Jeff Buckley, Guitar - Jeff Buckley, Producer - Jeff Buckley, Dulcimer - Jeff Buckley, Organ - Jeff Buckley, Harmonium - Jeff Buckley, Performer

(P) 1994 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

The Power of Love
Il Divo

Peter Gill, Lyricist - Peter Gill, Composer - Steve Pearce, Bass - Christian Ramon, 2nd Engineer - Rudy Perez, Composer - Rudy Perez, Lyricist - Mark O' Toole, Composer - Mark O' Toole, Lyricist - Il Divo, Performer - Jo Buckley, Strings - Dave Arch, Orchestrator - Dave Arch, Piano - John Parricelli, Guitar - Brian Nash, Lyricist - Brian Nash, Composer - Chris Laws, Engineer - Chris Laws, Preparer - Chris Laws, Drums - Ren Swan, Mixing Engineer - Charlotte Trinder, Strings - Daniel Pursey, Engineer - Vlado Meller, Mastering Engineer - Chris Barrett, 2nd Engineer - John Barker, Copyist - Michel Dierickx, 2nd Engineer - Geoff Foster, Recording Engineer - Phil Delire, 2nd Engineer - Holly Johnson, Lyricist - Holly Johnson, Composer - Steve Mac, Piano - Steve Mac, Organ - Steve Mac, Keyboards - Steve Mac, Arranger - Steve Mac, Producer

(P) 2008 Simco Limited exclusively licensed to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Thank You

Paul Herman, Composer - Paul Herman, Lyricist - Dido, Performer - Dido, Producer - Rollo, Producer - Dido Armstrong, Composer - Dido Armstrong, Lyricist

(P) 1998 Cheeky Records Ltd.

Sick and Tired (Album Version)

Jeff Burns, 2nd Engineer - JD Andrews, 2nd Engineer - Josh Freese, Drums - Cesar Guevara, 2nd Engineer - Dallas Austin, Producer - Dallas Austin, Composer - Dallas Austin, Keyboards - Dallas Austin, Lyricist - Colin Wolfe, Bass - Tom Yezzi, Recording Engineer - Sean Hurley, Bass - Anastacia, Composer - Anastacia, Performer - Anastacia, Lyricist - Anthony Kilhoffer, 2nd Engineer - Femio Hernandez, 2nd Engineer - Tony Reyes, Guitar - Rick Sheppard, Recording Engineer - Tom Lord-Alge, Mixing Engineer - Tom Sweeney, 2nd Engineer - Glen Ballard, Producer - Glen Ballard, Composer - Glen Ballard, Keyboards - Glen Ballard, Lyricist - Bill Malina, Recording Engineer

(P) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment

Fallin' (Album Version)
Alicia Keys

Russell Elevado, Mixing Engineer - Alicia Keys, Composer - Alicia Keys, Lyricist - Alicia Keys, Performer - Alicia Keys, Producer

(P) 2001 Sony Music Entertainment

Natalie Imbruglia

Nigel Godrich, Mixing Engineer - Natalie Imbruglia, Performer - Previn, Composer - Previn, Lyricist - Phil Thornalley, Composer - Phil Thornalley, Lyricist - Phil Thornalley, Producer - Cutler, Composer - Cutler, Lyricist

(P) 1997 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Time After Time (Album Version)
Cyndi Lauper

Rick DiFonzo, Guitar - William Wittman, Co-Producer - William Wittman, Guitar - Neil Jason, Guitar - Neil Jason, Bass - Lennie Petze, Executive Producer - Peter Wood, Synthesizer - Cyndi Lauper, Composer - Cyndi Lauper, Vocal - Cyndi Lauper, Lyricist - Cyndi Lauper, Background Vocal - Cyndi Lauper, Performer - Jules Shear, Vocal - Ellie Greenwich, Vocal - Eric Brazilian, Background Vocal - Eric Brazilian, Guitar - Eric Brazilian, Acoustic Bass - Eric Brazilian, Saxophone - Dianne Wilson, Vocal - Rick Chertoff, Producer - Rick Chertoff, Percussion - Anton Fig, Percussion - Anton Fig, Drums - Krystal Davis, Vocal - MAERETHA STEWART, VOCALIST, Vocal - Rob Hyman, Composer - Rob Hyman, Lyricist - Rob Hyman, Background Vocal - Rob Hyman, Keyboards - Richard Termini, Synthesizer

(P) 1983 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

...Baby One More Time
Britney Spears

Britney Spears, Background Vocal - Britney Spears, Performer - Johan Carlberg, Guitar - Nana Hedin, Background Vocal - Max Martin, Composer - Max Martin, Lyricist - Max Martin, Producer - Max Martin, Mixing Engineer - Max Martin, Recording Engineer - Max Martin, Background Vocal - Rami, Producer - Rami, Mixing Engineer - Rami, Recording Engineer - Tomas Lindberg, Acoustic Bass

(P) 1998 Sony Music Entertainment

Show You the Way to Go (Album Version)
The Jacksons

Bobby Martin, Arranger - Carol Nelson, A&R Coordinator - John Whitehead, Producer - Pete Humphreys, 2nd Engineer - Jeff Stewart, 2nd Engineer - Joe Tarsia, Recording Engineer - Leon Huff, Producer - Leon Huff, Composer - Leon Huff, Lyricist - Leon Huff, Executive Producer - JAY MARKS, Mixing Engineer - The Jacksons, Performer - Kenneth Gamble, Producer - Kenneth Gamble, Composer - Kenneth Gamble, Lyricist - Kenneth Gamble, Executive Producer - Dexter Wansel, Producer - Gene McFadden, Executive Producer

(P) 1976 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Hey Ya! (Radio Mix/Club Mix)

OutKast, Performer - Greg Price, 2nd Engineer - André 3000, Producer - André 3000, Vocal - André 3000, Programmer - André 3000, Acoustic Baritone Guitar - André 3000, Keyboards - Cutmaster Swiff, Producer - Warren Bletcher, 2nd Engineer - Kevin Davis, Mixing Engineer - André Benjamin, Composer - André Benjamin, Lyricist - John Frye, Recording Engineer - Rabeka Tuinei, 2nd Engineer - Rabeka Tuinei, Vocal - Robert Hannon, Recording Engineer - Josh Monroy, 2nd Engineer - Kevin Kendricks, Keyboards - Sean Tallman, 2nd Engineer - Jared Robbins, 2nd Engineer - Pete Novak, Recording Engineer - Neal H. Pogue, Mixing Engineer

(P) 2003 Arista Records LLC


The Wonder of You
Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, Performer - Joe Sasfy, Re-Issue Producer - Dennis Drake, Re-Mastering Engineer - Robert Hull, Executive Producer - Baker Knight, Composer - Baker Knight, Lyricist

(P) Originally Recorded Prior To 1972 All Rights Reserved By Sony Music Entertainment

Everybody's Talkin' (From "Midnight Cowboy")
George Tipton

Allen Lentz, Recording Engineer - Jerome Reisler, Violin - Alfred Lustgarten, Violin - Leonard Atkins, Violin - Michael Melvoin, Piano - Rick Jarrard, Producer - George Tipton, Conductor - George Tipton, Arranger - Grover Hilsley, Recording Engineer - Hank Magill, Recording Engineer - Brian Christian, Recording Engineer - Wilbert Nuttycombe, Violin - Harry Nilsson, Performer - Darrel Terwilliger, Violin - Arnold Belnick, Violin - James Gordon, Drums - Neil, Composer - Neil, Lyricist - Alvin Casey, Guitar - Lawrence Knechtel, Bass

Originally Released 1968. All rights reserved by RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

I Only Have Eyes For You (Album Version)
Art Garfunkel

Al Dubin, Composer - Al Dubin, Lyricist - Richard Perry, Producer - Harry Warren, Composer - Harry Warren, Lyricist - Art Garfunkel, Producer - Art Garfunkel, Performer - LANDERS, A&R Coordinator

(P) 1975 Sony Music Entertainment

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Album Version)
Meat Loaf

Max Weinberg, Drums - Jim Steinman, Percussion - Jim Steinman, Keyboards - Edgar Winter, Saxophone - Ellen Foley, Background Vocal - Kasim Sulton, Bass - Marvin Lee, Percussion - Meat Loaf, Vocal - Meat Loaf, Performer - J. Steinman, Composer - J. Steinman, Lyricist - Ted Jensen, Guitar - Roy Bittan, Keyboards - Roy Bittan, Piano - Todd Rundgren, Background Vocal - Todd Rundgren, Guitar - Todd Rundgren, Producer - Todd Rundgren, Percussion - Rory Dodd, Background Vocal - Roger Powell, Synthesizer

(P) 1977 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Because the Night
Patti Smith Group

Patti Smith, Composer - Patti Smith, Lyricist - Jimmy Iovine, Producer - Patti Smith Group, Performer - Bruce Springsteen, Lyricist - Bruce Springsteen, Composer

(P) 1978 Arista Records Inc.

Dolly Parton

Bob Ferguson, Producer - Dolly Parton, Composer - Dolly Parton, Lyricist - Dolly Parton, Performer

(P) 1973 Sony Music Entertainment

Crying (Album Version)
Roy Orbison

Joe Melson, Composer - Joe Melson, Lyricist - Roy Orbison, Vocal - Roy Orbison, Performer - Roy Orbison, Lyricist - Roy Orbison, Composer - Fred Foster, Producer

Originally released 1962. All rights reserved by Sony Music Entertainment

Stand By Your Man (Album Version)
Tammy Wynette

Hoyt Dooley, Mastering Engineer - Margie Hunt, Executive Producer - Tammy Wynette, Composer - Tammy Wynette, Performer - Tammy Wynette, Lyricist - Billy Sherrill, Composer - Billy Sherrill, Producer - Billy Sherrill, Lyricist

Originally Released 1968. All rights reserved by Sony Music Entertainment

Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash, Performer - Frank Jones, Producer - M. Kilgore, Composer - M. Kilgore, Lyricist - J. Carter, Composer - J. Carter, Lyricist - Don Law, Producer

(P) 1963 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Suzanne (Album Version)
Leonard Cohen

John Simon, Producer - Leonard Cohen, Lyricist - Leonard Cohen, Composer - Leonard Cohen, Vocal - Leonard Cohen, Guitar - Leonard Cohen, Performer

Originally released 1967. All rights reserved by Sony Music Entertainment

Dionne Warwick

Barry Gibb, Lyricist - Barry Gibb, Producer - Barry Gibb, Composer - Maurice Ernest Gibb, Composer - Maurice Ernest Gibb, Lyricist - Dionne Warwick, Performer - Albhy Galuten, Producer - Robin Gibb, Composer - Robin Gibb, Lyricist

(P) 1983 Arista Records LLC

Chains (Album Version)
Tina Arena

Marilyn Martin, Background Vocal - P. Reswick, Composer - P. Reswick, Lyricist - Pamela Reswick, Composer - Pamela Reswick, Lyricist - Werfel Steve, Writer - Arena Tina Lydia, Writer - Reswick, Writer - Reswick, Composer - Reswick, Lyricist - T.Arena, Composer - T.Arena, Lyricist - Reswick Pamela, Writer - Arena, Writer - Arena, Composer - Arena, Lyricist - Werfel, Writer - Werfel, Composer - Werfel, Lyricist - S.Werfel, Composer - S.Werfel, Lyricist - Steve Werfel, Composer - Steve Werfel, Lyricist - Pam Reswick, Composer - Pam Reswick, Lyricist - P.Reswick, Composer - P.Reswick, Lyricist - S. Werfel, Composer - S. Werfel, Lyricist - David Tyson, Producer - David Tyson, Programmer - David Tyson, Keyboards - David Tyson, Arranger - Tim Pierce, Guitar - Tina Arena, Background Vocal - Tina Arena, Performer - Tina Arena, Composer - Tina Arena, Lyricist - Tina Arena, Vocal - D. Tyson, Producer

(P) 1994 Sony Music Entertainment Australia PTY Ltd

Africa (Album Version)

David Paich, Composer - David Paich, Lyricist - Unknown, Producer - Jeff Porcaro, Composer - Jeff Porcaro, Lyricist - Toto, Performer

(P) 1982 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

The Way It Is (Edited Version)
Bruce Hornsby

Elliot Scheiner, Producer - Bruce Hornsby, Producer - Bruce Hornsby, Lyricist - Bruce Hornsby, Composer - Bruce Hornsby and the Range, Performer

(P) 1986 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Annie's Song
John Denver

Milton Okun, Producer - Lee Holdridge, Arranger - Lee Holdridge, Conductor - Kris O'Connor, Assistant Producer - Mickey Crofford, Engineer - John Denver, Composer - John Denver, Performer - John Denver, Lyricist

(P) 1974 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Bridge over Troubled Water (Album Version)
Simon & Garfunkel

P. Simon, Composer - P. Simon, Lyricist - Joe Osborne, Bass - Hal Blaine, Drums - Roy Halee, Producer - Roy Halee, Engineer - Larry Knechtel, Keyboards - Simon & Garfunkel, Performer - Art Garfunkel, Producer - Ted Brosnan, Recorder - Arthur Garfunkel, Producer - Fred Carter, Jr., Guitar - Paul Simon, Producer - Paul Simon, Guitar - Paul Simon, Composer

Originally released 1970. All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


Brown Eyed Girl (Album Version)
Van Morrison

Bert Berns, Producer - Darren Salmieri, A&R Coordinator - Darcy Proper, Mastering Engineer - Van Morrison, Lyricist - Van Morrison, Composer - Van Morrison, Performer - Patti Matheny, A&R Coordinator - Al Quaglieri, Producer - Steve Berkowitz, Producer - Debra Parkinson, Mastering Engineer

Originally released 1967. All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

A Design for Life (Album Version)
Manic Street Preachers

Mike Hedges, Producer - Nick Jones, Lyricist - Manic Street Preachers, Performer - Unknown, Producer - James Dean Bradfield, Composer - Sean Moore, Composer

(P) 1996 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

The Zutons

Abigail Harding, Background Vocal - Abigail Harding, Alto Saxophone - Abigail Harding, Tenor Saxophone - Russell Pritchard, Background Vocal - Russell Pritchard, Acoustic Bass - Boyan Chowdhury, Guitar - Sean Payne, Percussion - Sean Payne, Drums - Sean Payne, Background Vocal - Cenzo Townshend, Engineer - Cenzo Townshend, Mixing Engineer - Dave McCabe, Composer - Dave McCabe, Lyricist - Sam Miller, Mixing Engineer - Tom Stanley, Engineer - Tom Stanley, 2nd Engineer - D. McCabe, Vocal - D. McCabe, Guitar - D. McCabe, Acoustic Baritone Guitar - D. McCabe, Piano - The Zutons, Performer - The Zutons, Composer - The Zutons, Lyricist - Stephen Street, Producer - Stephen Street, Mixing Engineer

(P) 2006 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Livin' Thing (Album Version)
Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra, Performer - Jeff Lynne, Producer - Jeff Lynne, Vocal - Jeff Lynne, Composer - Jeff Lynne, Guitar - Jeff Lynne, Keyboards - Jeff Lynne, Synthesizer - Kelly Groucutt, Vocal - Kelly Groucutt, Percussion - Kelly Groucutt, Bass - Richard Tandy, Vocal - Richard Tandy, Keyboards - Richard Tandy, Synthesizer - Bev Bevan, Vocal - Bev Bevan, Drums

(P) 1976 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

How to Save a Life (Single Mix)
The Fray

The Fray, Performer - James Masterson, 2nd Engineer - Alex Uychocde, Mixing Engineer - Aaron Johnson, Producer - Mike Flynn, Producer - Slade, Lyricist - Slade, Composer - King, Composer - King, Lyricist - Stephen Marcussen, Mastering Engineer - Warren Huart, Recording Engineer - Kevin Loyal, 2nd Engineer - Mark Endert, Mixing Engineer - Paul Mahern, Engineer

(P) 2005 Sony Music Entertainment

Ordinary People (Single Version)
John Legend

Kanye West, Executive Producer - Andy Manganello, Engineer - Val Brathwaite, 2nd Engineer - John Legend, Performer - John Legend, Piano - John Legend, Producer - John Legend, Vocal - John Legend, Co-Executive Producer - Michael Peters, Engineer - John Stephens, Composer - John Stephens, Lyricist - Pablo Arraya, 2nd Engineer - Manny Marroquin, Mixing Engineer - Anthony Kilhoffer, Engineer - Jared Robbins, Mixing Engineer - Mike Eleopoulos, 2nd Engineer - William Adams, Composer - William Adams, Lyricist

(P) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment

I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) (Remastered 2003)
Hall & Oates

Darcy Proper, Re-Mastering Engineer - Sara Allen, Lyricist - Daryl Hall & John Oates, Performer - Neil Kernon, Co-Producer - John Oates, Lyricist - John Oates, Producer - Daryl Hall, Composer - Daryl Hall, Lyricist - Daryl Hall, Producer

(P) 1981 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Eternal Flame (La Flama Enterna) (Album Version)
The Bangles

Davitt Sigerson, Producer - Billy Steinberg, Composer - Billy Steinberg, Lyricist - Tom Kelly, Composer - Tom Kelly, Lyricist - Bangles, Performer - Susanna Hoffs, Composer - Susanna Hoffs, Lyricist

(P) 1988 Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Your Love Is King (Album Version)

Tom Coyne, Mastering Engineer - Terry Bailey, Trumpet - Martin Ditcham, Percussion - Sade, Performer - Power Plant, Recording Engineer - Sade Adu, Vocal - Stuart Matthewman, Composer - Stuart Matthewman, Lyricist - Stuart Matthewman, Guitar - Stuart Matthewman, Saxophone - Ben Rogan, Engineer - G. Matthewman, Trumpet - Mike Pela, Engineer - Andrew Hale, Keyboards - Helen Adu, Composer - Helen Adu, Lyricist - Robin Millar, Producer - Paul Denman, Bass - Paul Cooke, Drums - Dave Early, Percussion - Dave Early, Drums

(P)1984 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Oye Como Va (Album Version)

T. Puente, Composer - Fred Catero, Producer - Santana, Performer - Santana, Producer

Originally released 1970. All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Fantasy (Album Version)

Andrew Woolfolk, Percussion - Andrew Woolfolk, Flute - Andrew Woolfolk, Tenor Saxophone - Andrew Woolfolk, Soprano Saxophone - Marie Fera, Acoustic Cello - Larry Dunn, Assistant Producer - Larry Dunn, Piano - Larry Dunn, Organ - Larry Dunn, Synthesizer - Sheldon Sanov, Violin - Miguel Martinez, Acoustic Cello - Kevin Torfeh, Acoustic Cello - Pamela Gates, Violin - John Walz, Acoustic Cello - Roland Bautista, Guitar - Ken Yerke, Violin - Richard Goodman, Engineer - Steve Crimmel, Engineer - Jack Gootkin, Violin - Barbara Thomason, Viola - Steve Lukather, Guitar - Harris Goldman, Violin - William Henderson, Violin - Mick Guzauski, Engineer - Robert Appere, Engineer - Judith Talvi, Violin - George Massenburg, Engineer - Jerry Peters, Keyboards - Jerry Peters, Piano - Jerry Peters, Synthesizer - Marcy Diceterow, Violin - Patti Matheny, A&R Coordinator - Wayne Vaughan, Keyboards - Wayne Vaughan, Piano - Wayne Vaughan, Synthesizer - Henry Ferber, Violin - Johnny Graham, Guitar - Johnny Graham, Percussion - Denyse Buffum, Viola - Shelia Whitt, Background Vocal - Wanda Hutchinson, Background Vocal - Jan Kelley, Acoustic Cello - Tom Tom 84, Arranger - Paulinho Da Costa, Percussion - Virgina Majewski, Viola - Haim Shtrum, Violin - Delores Bing, Acoustic Cello - Skip Scarborough, Keyboards - Skip Scarborough, Piano - Skip Scarborough, Synthesizer - Mauirce Spears, Trombone - Dennis Karmazyn, Acoustic Cello - Daniel Smith, Acoustic Cello - Charles Findley, Trumpet - Jerome Richardson, Saxophone - Richard Perissi, French Horn - Arthur Maebe, French Horn - Bill Reichenbach, Trombone - Billy Myers, Keyboards - Billy Myers, Piano - Billy Myers, Synthesizer - Jeanette Hawes, Background Vocal - Marilyn Robinson, French Horn - Fred Jackson Jr., Saxophone - Linda Lipsett, Viola - Fred White, Percussion - Fred White, Drums - Beloyd Taylor, Background Vocal - Beloyd Taylor, Guitar - Asa Drori, Violin - Azar Lawrence, Keyboards - Azar Lawrence, Piano - Azar Lawrence, Synthesizer - Larry Corbett, Acoustic Cello - Al McKay, Vocal - Al McKay, Guitar - Al McKay, Percussion - Craig Widby, Engineer - Marlo Henderson, Guitar - David Foster, Keyboards - David Foster, Piano - David Foster, Synthesizer - Steve Madaio, Trumpet - Charles Loper, Trombone - Henry Roth, Violin - Gina Kronstadt, Violin - Zakir Hussein, Drums - Harry Shultz, Acoustic Cello - Harvey Mason, Percussion - David Duke, French Horn - Rosmen Torfeh, Violin - Maurice White, Composer - Maurice White, Producer - Maurice White, Drums - Maurice White, Vocal - Maurice White, Lyricist - Jerome Reisler, Violin - Michael Harris, Trumpet - Michael Harris, Flugelhorn - Joseph Livoti, Violin - Leena Sherman, Violin - Elmar Brown, Trumpet - Paul Polivnick, Viola - Rick Kelly, Keyboards - Rick Kelly, Piano - Rick Kelly, Synthesizer - Richard Lepore, Timpani - Philip Bailey, Vocal - Philip Bailey, Percussion - Philip Bailey, Congas - Tom Perry, Engineer - Carl La Magne, Violin - Lynn Subotnick, Viola - Maxine Lewis, Keyboards - Maxine Lewis, Piano - Maxine Lewis, Synthesizer - Bobby Bryant, Trumpet - Sidney Muldrow, French Horn - Barbara Korn, French Horn - Steve Porcaro, Piano - Steve Porcaro, Synthesizer - Steve Porcaro, Keyboards - Louis Satterfield, Trombone - Garnett Brown, Trombone - Sandy Seemore, Violin - Lew McCreary, Trombone - Joy Lyle, Violin - James Ross, Viola - Joseph Goodman, Violin - Rahmlee Michael Davis, Trumpet - Rahmlee Michael Davis, Flugelhorn - Jerome Webster, Violin - Ronald Cooper, Acoustic Cello - Leo Sacks, Producer - Ronald Clark, Violin - Charles Stepney, Keyboards - Charles Stepney, Piano - Charles Stepney, Synthesizer - Iikka Talvi, Violin - Gary Grant, Trumpet - Mark Wilder, Mastering Engineer - Dean Rod, Engineer - Pavel Farkas, Violin - George Del Barrio, Keyboards - George Del Barrio, Piano - George Del Barrio, Synthesizer - Marilyn Baker, Viola - David Campbell, Viola - Sherman Bryana, Violin - James Dunham, Viola - Ralph Johnson, Percussion - Ralph Johnson, Drums - Dorothy Jean Ashby, Harp - Russ Pallone, Engineer - Winterton Garvey, Violin - George Bohanon, Trombone - Eddie del Barrio, Composer - Eddie del Barrio, Lyricist - Verdine White, Lyricist - Verdine White, Composer - Verdine White, Vocal - Verdine White, Assistant Producer - Verdine White, Percussion - Verdine White, Bass - Cynthia Kovaks, Violin - Oscar Brashear, Trumpet - Laurie Woods, Viola - Benjamin Powell, Trombone - Don Myrick, Saxophone - Rollice Dale, Viola - Eddie Del Barrio, Synthesizer - Eddie Del Barrio, Keyboards - Eddie Del Barrio, Piano - Earth, Wind & Fire, Performer - Jacqueline Lustgarten, Acoustic Cello - Jerry Hey, Trumpet - Herman Riley, Saxophone - Robert Spano, Engineer

(P) 1977 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Native New Yorker (7" Single Version)

Denny Randell, Composer - Denny Randell, Lyricist - Sandy Linzer, Producer - Sandy Linzer, Vocal Arranger - Sandy Linzer, Composer - Sandy Linzer, Lyricist - Odyssey, Vocal - Charlie Calello, Producer - Charlie Calello, Arranger - Charlie Calello, Conductor

(P) 1977 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Family Affair (Single Version)
Sly & The Family Stone

Cynthia Robinson, Trumpet - Jerry Martini, Saxophone - Larry Graham, Bass - Sly & The Family Stone, Performer - Freddie Stone, Vocal - Freddie Stone, Guitar - S. Stewart, Composer - S. Stewart, Lyricist - Rosie Stone, Keyboards - Greg Errico, Drums - Sly Stone, Producer - Sly Stone, Vocal - Sly Stone, Guitar - Sly Stone, Keyboards

Originally released 1971. All rights reserved by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Summer Breeze (Album Version)
The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers, Producer - The Isley Brothers, Performer - Joseph M. Palmaccio, Mastering Engineer - Chris Jasper, Background Vocal - Chris Jasper, Percussion - Chris Jasper, Tambourine - Chris Jasper, Piano - Chris Jasper, Synthesizer - Darrell Crofts, Composer - Darrell Crofts, Lyricist - Jimmy Seals, Composer - Jimmy Seals, Lyricist - MARVIN ISLEY, Background Vocal - MARVIN ISLEY, Bass - Ernie Isley, Background Vocal - Ernie Isley, Guitar - Ernie Isley, 12 String Guitar - Ernie Isley, Percussion - Ernie Isley, Drums - Ernie Isley, Congas - Ernie Isley, Bass - O'Kelly Isley, Background Vocal - Robert Margouleff, Co-Producer - Robert Margouleff, Engineer - Robert Margouleff, Programmer - Rudolph Isley, Background Vocal - Tom Ruff, Mastering Engineer - Malcom Cecil, Co-Producer - Ronald Isley, Vocal - Ronald Isley, Background Vocal - Malcolm Cecil, Engineer - Malcolm Cecil, Programmer

(P) 1973 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Me and Mrs. Jones (Album Version)
Billy Paul

Leon Huff, Producer - Leon Huff, Composer - Leon Huff, Lyricist - Tony Martell, Executive Producer - C. Gilbert, Composer - C. Gilbert, Lyricist - Billy Paul, Performer - Kenneth Gamble, Composer - Kenneth Gamble, Lyricist - Kenny Gamble, Producer - Randy Mahon, Mastering Engineer

(P) 1972 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Lovely Day (Album Version)
Bill Withers

Clifford Coulter, Producer - Bill Withers, Performer - Bill Withers, Producer - Bill Withers, Composer - Bill Withers, Lyricist - K. Burke, Producer - Skip Scarborough, Composer - Skip Scarborough, Lyricist - C. MCDONALD, Producer

(P) 1977 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Sexual Healing (Album Version)
Marvin Gaye

D. Ritz, Composer - D. Ritz, Lyricist - Marvin Gaye, Composer - Marvin Gaye, Lyricist - Marvin Gaye, Performer - Marvin Gaye, Vocal - Producer not documented on available sources, Producer - O. Brown, Jr., Composer - O. Brown, Jr., Lyricist

(P) 1982 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

About the album

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