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Vidéo du jour – On January 25, 2018
The leader of The Fall, a flagship of British post punk, has died at 60 years old...
Vidéo du jour – On December 18, 2017
The composer Patrick Doyle teams up again with Kenneth Branagh for "Murder on the Orient Express"...
Vidéo du jour – On December 14, 2017
The trio of pianists from Brooklyn sign a daring album...
Vidéo du jour – On December 12, 2017
The great quantum virtuoso sings of her native Syria...
Vidéo du jour – On November 17, 2017
The new album from the British pianist, released on ECM...
Vidéo du jour – On November 11, 2017
With his Fellowship Band, the great drummer breaks down jazz borders...
Vidéo du jour – On October 27, 2017
At 89 years, the great Fats Domino closes his piano for the last time...
Vidéo du jour – On October 18, 2017
Is Annie Clark the reincarnation of David Bowie?
Bancs d'essai – On October 4, 2017
We dedicate rather few of our testing grounds to all-in-one systems, but it’s been a while since we’ve wanted to present you this Arcam Solo Music, firstly because we found it elegant, secondly because its network part includes the Qobuz app in Hi-Res, and thirdly because, on the whole, Arcam devices offer great sound performance. And we weren’t disappointed, as we bestowed this system with a Qobuzism.
Bancs d'essai – On September 22, 2017
The ultimate element of a sound reproduction system, the speaker, after having integrated its amplification, has sometimes been equipped, for a while now, with a true small preamplifier with source selection—external sources, like a turntable or a CD player, or internal sources, like a aptX Bluetooth receiver. This is what this new Triangle Elara LN05A offers, among other things.
Bancs d'essai – On September 15, 2017
These are not the most common devices, but digital-to-analog converters equipped with an aptX Bluetooth connection hold their own in terms of sound quality, and this using rather simple and cheap ways. Thus, a smartphone compatible with aptX Bluetooth and this FX-Audio BL-Muse 02 DAC are perfectly able to provide really good sound results when linked to a Hi-Fi system.
Vidéo du jour – On July 20, 2017
For the Gork's pianist, "playing Bach again was a privilege ..."
Vidéo du jour – On July 4, 2017
A new jazz voice from across the Atlantic ...
Chers disparus – On June 30, 2017
One of the best jazz pianists who appeared in the 80's dies at the age of 60 ...
In English – On June 2, 2017
Let’s talk about another cheap little DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) which uses stripped-down high-quality electronics, but offers great sound reproduction—almost identical to the recorded signal according to us—thanks to digital-friendly native playback. Let’s talk about the FiiO K1.
Bancs d'essai – On May 23, 2017
The digital-to-analog converter, one of the flagships devices—and the most prolific by far— to play digital music, can be found in many variations. With its U-Sabre Desktop K2M model, Audiophonics offers a DAC which will naturally fit on a desktop, connected to a computer, and can be listened to directly on headphones or through a speaker system.
Vidéos – On September 27, 2016
Ahead of her new album release this coming Friday, 7th October, Marc Zisman of Qobuz had the opportunity to sit with the world renowned jazz artist to chat about life, music, and more...
Vidéo du jour – On September 21, 2016
A new album from the great Austrian pianist...
Hi-Fi – On September 8, 2016
Although it might seem hard to believe, behind these speaker connectors and this large volume button there is a 2 x 30W/4Ω chopper amplifier which offers incredible sound quality and even contains a Bluetooth receiver as well as a headphone amplifier!
Vidéo du jour – On August 9, 2016
41 years mark the death of Dimitri Chostakovitch...